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Hi Ron We have a problem in that our screne has rotated through 90 degrees and 
we connot se how to correct it HELP?  Bernard
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  Dear Friends

  Most of us use Google to search for items we want and we have got used to 
getting pretty good results. Have you ever wondered how they seem to know 
exactly what you are looking for? How they know you are looking for a new 
Jaguar Car rather than a live Jaguar. Have you wondered how much they know 
about you and how much of that information they share with others?
  Google have recently announced that they are changing their Privacy Policy 
and Terms of Service as from 1st March 2012 and have produced a page 
http://www.google.com/policies/ in an attempt to show how these have been 
  I would not suggest that all this makes for good bed-time reading but there 
are some items of interest such as  http://www.google.com/goodtoknow/ how to be 
safe online etc. One area I found quite interesting was the "Government 
Requests" to remove items from Google. 
http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/governmentrequests/ and how these have 
increased year on year.

  Requests by the UK Government are on 
  and seem to be at a relatively low level but one is left wondering what it is 
that we are not allowed to read or were these things simply incorrect. Who 
knows! Let me know if you find any hidden gems! 

  Bye Ron M :-)

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