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Check the resistance on the 3.9ohm/10wat again if it is open then the
fault it most likely cause by diodes. And C4429 is a cap either
electrolytic or non electrolytic. If it is reading open it most likely
is non electrolytic. C4429 is it blue, brown, orange or green. If soo it
is non electrolytic and you will read open unless you test it with and
ESR meter. Test 3.9ohm/10wat as I said before and if it is open check
for diodes near it. The clear diodes with coloured rings will not cause
the 3.9ohm resistor to short but the zener diodes will (zener diodes are
black with a white ring around one end of it) so check all of those.
Zener diodes should read a certain reading at one end and when read the
opposite way should be bigger or smaller. If it reads 0 then most likely
it is dead.

Regards, Johno

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hello sir
my tv set is dead 
the power transistor c4429 is shorted and the resestance 3.9ohm/10wat is
i changed both of them but the transistor shorted imidiatly . help me
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