[tvservice] Re: RCA ctc177bh2 no sound..

  • From: "Gilbert Kelley" <gjkelley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tvservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 15:15:22 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

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First I would suspect the EEPROM.....Second I would recheck all my ground
connections around the tuner shield....If you turn the sound all the way =
do you get low audio?=0D
Hope this helps some....let me know what you find.=0D
Gilbert =0D
-------Original Message-------=0D
From: Sam Barnum=0D
Date: 11/04/04 14:41:22=0D
To: tvservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx=0D
Subject: [tvservice] RCA ctc177bh2 no sound..=0D
Hi all,=0D
    I have an RCA CTC177BH2 with no sound, not even a click or hiss when=0D
the TV is turned on.  Video is good from both the tuner and video-in (no=0D
sound out with audio-in from VCR either.  I had the TV to fix a cold=0D
solder joint under the RF shield.  While I had the soldering iron in my=0D
hand I also reflowed a number of joints on the LA7610 (signal processor)=0D
and LA7765 (stereo processor), I didn't touch the TDA7263(Audio AMP).  I=0D
don't know if the sound was working before hand.  However the I have=0D
confirmed that the speakers do work.   Any thought on where I should=0D
look first?=0D
Does anyone have a data sheet for the LA7610?=0D
Thanks, Sam=0D

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