[tvservice] Re: Panasonic TX808R Chassis

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  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:09:39 -0600

Guess you missed my earlier message.  That is part number 219349, a surface 
mount NPN general purpose amp.  It can be subbed with a NTE 2408.  Good luck.
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  please remove wayneperdue@xxxxxxxxxxx from your lists thanks
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    I was mistaken its a GE the model number is 19gt243 and the chassis is 
TX808R.  Thanks.


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      I'm missing something -- please give me the model number.
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        Subject: [tvservice] Panasonic TX808R Chassis


        I need the value of surface mount transistor TL541 on a Panasonic 
TX808R chassis.  Thanks.


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