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Replace "Shorted" Hor. Output Transistor Q602 - D2095 (Replaced With =
Replace R719 - 5.6 Ohm 5 Watt "Stand-Off Resistor".

Only tech tip I had...

Suggest that you bring up set with collector of new HOT unsoldered...& =
B+ [`135vdc]

Usually if the HOT shorts, then the B+ goes too...

If this resistor R702 is in line with B+ then I would still examine =
for HOT...

If the fuse & bridge good ... [And is a switch mode] see if primary is
working 160 dc [raw B+ off bridge]... 315vac [from chopper/regulator]to
primary side of SMPS x-former... If that good,  then recifier on
secondary...that and resistor to that ckt..

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I am trying to repair a Mitsubishi cs-20203. it was dead and I have =
that the horizontal output transistor Q602 is shorted and that fusible=20
resistor R702 is open. I am assuming that the output transistor shorted =
then the fusible opened because of the excessive current. is there =
else that I should look for before I install the new output transistor =
fusible resistor?

Thanks in advance,


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