[tvservice] Re: 27"Sylvania model 27Y100-OOAA

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 16:09:23 -0500

I believe that would be the IC270 that I changed. It, is a 52 pin chip and 
controls all the audio, video, vertical sync etc. There is a board for the 
audio-video input jacks, I noticed it wasn't setting all the way down so I 
checked and found one of the socket pins was bent. I straightened it out and 
re-plugged the board. THE SET PLAYS OK NOW. I think somebody tried working on 
the set before it came to me. I repaired a lot of Bad solder, changed out Ic270 
and replace C432 100mf @ 200v cap. But it didn't play until I found the problem 
I spoke of. Did I fix any thing? What was it?
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  Hey, have you checked the jungle chip? if not this is where all audio and 
video comes from.

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