[tugs] (this one has the list) Last-Minute Study Sessions for Geography Students

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 14:44:50 -0400

TUGS Members:

Each geography class has been assigned a "Last-Minute Study Session". All 
sessions will be held in Sidney Smith Hall Room SS2129. This room is available 
for use by any geography students when there is no assigned "Last-Minute 
Session", between 12:00-6:00 weekdays during the exam period (April 23-May 11). 
This room may also be booked by groups of students who wish to reserve study 
space for a specific geography course, by contacting Amy Cooper at 
coops_123@xxxxxxxxxxxx If conflicts arise, or for more information, visit the 
TUGS website: http://tugsonline.cjb.net .
Good Luck!!!

      Date of Exam
     Study Session Information

      Tuesday April 24
     GGR 342H
     Monday April 23, 3-6pm
      Wednesday April 25
     GGR 203H
     Tuesday April 24, 12-2pm
      Wednesday April 25
     GGR 336H
     Tuesday April 24, 4-6pm
      Friday April 27
     GGR 273H
     Thursday April 26, 12-2pm
      Friday April 27
     GGR 343H
     Thursday April 26, 4-6pm
      Monday April 30
     GGR 220Y
     Friday April 27, 12-2pm
      Tuesday May 1
     GGR 459H
     Monday April 30, 12-2pm
      Tuesday May 1
     GGR 272H
     Monday April 30, 2-4pm 
      Tuesday May 1
     GGR 339H
     Monday April 30, 4-6pm
      Wednesday May 2
     GGR 201H
     Tuesday May 1, 2-4pm
      Thursday May 3
     GGR 254H
     Wednesday May 2, 12-2pm
      Thursday May 3
     GGR 270Y
     Wednesday May 2, 4-6pm
      Friday May 4
     GGR 393H
     Thursday May 3, 12-2pm
      Friday May 4
     GGR 107Y
     Thursday May 3, 4-6pm
      Monday May 7
     GGR 436H
     Friday May 4,12-2pm 
      Monday May 7
     GGR 240Y
     Friday May 4, 2-4pm
      Monday May 7
     GGR 252H
     Friday May 4, 4-6pm
      Tuesday May 8
     GGR 364H
     Monday May 7, 12-2pm
      Tuesday May 8
     GGR 334H
     Monday May 7, 4-6pm
      Wednesday May 9
     GGR 340H
     Tuesday May 8, 12-2pm
      Wednesday May 9
     GGR 337H
     Tuesday May 8, 4-6pm
      Wednesday May 9
     GGR 421H
     Tuesday May 8, 2-4pm
      Thursday May 10
     GGR 233Y
     Wednesday May 9, 12-2pm
      Thursday May 10
     GGR 327H
     Wednesday May 9, 4-6pm
      Friday May 11
     GGR 314H
     Thursday May 10, 12-2pm
      Friday May 11
     GGR 124Y
     Thursday May 10, 2-4pm
      Friday May 11
     GGR 401H
     Thursday May 10, 4-6pm


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