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Hello Everyone,

Three work-study positions are available in the Department of Geography this 
fall. They are open to everyone, including undergraduate students. Full 
details are below; more information can be found at www.careers.utoronto.ca

If you are interested in these positions, please send a resume and cover 
letter to Prof. Don Boyes by September 24th: boyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Roza Tchoukaleyska
TUGS - President

GIS Assistant for Curriculum Development (2 positions)

The geography department on the St. George campus is interested in
increasing the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in undergraduate
geography courses that currently do not include GIS. The successful
applicant(s) will assist faculty who have little or no background in
geographic information systems (GIS) to develop data sets, exercises, and
examples that can be used to enhance their course material. Applicants must
have strong GIS skills and an interest in assisting in the development of
GIS-related teaching materials.

GIS Lab Supervisor (1 position)

The successful applicant will: supervise the GIS lab in the geography
department on the St. George campus; provide general technical assistance to
students; answer questions related to using geographic information system
(GIS) software; perform some routine lab maintenance; assist the
department's information technology (IT) specialist. Some weekly hours will
be spent supervising the lab and some will be spent working on projects with
the IT specialist. Applicants should have a strong background in IT and GIS.


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