[tugs] Welcome back!; Frosh Week Table; UTERN

  • From: Daniel Stevens <daniel.stevens@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tugsgeneral@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:19:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hey there everyone!

Summer's now coming to an end and the reality of classes comes closer and 
closer.  I hope that everyone's had a great summer and that you're all relaxed 
and ready for the upcoming school year.  We've got a number of things planned, 
both of a social and academic nature.  Please check our website in early 
September (at http://tugsonline.cjb.net) for an up-to-date list of events.
Remember, feel free to drop by our office and hang out, or just pop in to use 
the microwave and phone.

TUGS and the Department of Geogrpahy are trying to get a table for Friday, Sept 
7th, on St George Street (where many campus groups have booths/tables).  We're 
hoping to advertise TUGS and the Geography Programs at U of T and create more 
awareness of who we are and what we do.  For those of you wanting to get more 
involved, we'd really appreciate any help you could give at our table and with 
the other things going on that day (there are some recycling things we can be 
involved in should we have enough people).  If you're interested in this, 
please contact Jennifer Cunha as soon as possible (bejocas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).  
Thanks for your help!

For those of you interested specifically in environmental issues at the 
University of Toronto and elseware, UTERN has been created as an umbrella 
organization to foster communication and cooperation between campus groups with 
environmental concerns.  The UTERN website features a Calendar which will list 
events on campus (and off) which would be of interest to its member 
organizations and to individuals with environmental concerns.  There is also a 
library of online resources being developed (feel free to suggest sites) and a 
section listing when the meetings will be (and hosting the minutes of meetings 
you may have missed).  Check out UTERN, of which TUGS is a member, at 

Just as a reminder, for those interested in helping out on Friday, Sept 7th 
with the TUGS table, please contact Jennifer at bejocas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 
thanks in advance!

Take care, and see you when the school year beings!
Daniel Stevens
tugs coordinator


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