[tugs] UTERN "Environmental Levy" vote on ROSI

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 17:17:51 -0400

This is a reminder that the SAC voting on ROSI is now underway.

UTERN (both TUGS and the Dept of Geography are members), has proposed a
50 cent per student per year levy to go towards environmental
initiatives on campus.  Campus organizations will be able to apply for
funding from the pool this levy generates for environmental initiatives
on campus.  It's a very small fee in comparison to the others.  The fee
is also fully refundable from SAC should individual students not wish to

Please vote (hopefully in favour of this) on ROSI as soon as possible!

Daniel Stevens

Vote now! -> http://www.rosi.utoronto.ca

From the ROSI website:  

"Preamble: The University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network
(UTERN) is an umbrella organization comprised of student organizations,
academic departments, programs and facilities, which promotes
environmental practice and sustainability on campus while encouraging
partnerships among groups and individuals. UTERN and the Students'
Administrative Council (SAC) are seeking consent from SAC members for an
increase to the SAC fee for UTERN. The proposed increase is $0.25 per
session ($0.50 per fall/winter academic period) and would be used for
grants to support environmental projects across the University and
UTERN's support of these projects. The fee would be refundable upon
request. If the increase is approved, the total fee for UTERN would be
$0.25 per session ($0.50 per fall/winter academic period), refundable
during SAC's fee refund period, and would be charged to all full-time
undergraduate students as part of the SAC fee beginning in the fall 2003
session. Question: Are you in favour of an increase in the SAC fee for
the University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network as described in
the preamble?" 


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