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For Immediate Release                 

Plans to dramatically curtail energy use and greenhouse gas emissions 

Sustainability Office Open House
Thursday, February 10, 2005
10am to 4pm
Earth Sciences Centre
5 Bancroft (just south of Willcocks St)

(TORONTO, January, 2005) - The University of Toronto is taking an historic 
step towards ecological improvement by launching a Sustainability Office with 
a mandate to dramatically decrease the University?s use of energy and, 
ultimately, its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Global climate change - resulting from the growing combustion of fossil fuels -
 is increasingly recognized as one of the greatest threats facing humanity in 
the 21st century. Canada, along with many other nations around the globe, has 
risen to this challenge by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, and committing to 
reduce greenhouse gas emissions to six percent below 1990 levels. If we are to 
meet this target, all sectors of Canadian society, from industry and 
institutions to individuals and households, must do their part. It is in this 
spirit that the University of Toronto is launching the new Sustainability 
The Sustainability Office will be responsible for the creation and 
implementation of a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas and Energy reduction strategy 
for the University of Toronto. The goal is to exceed the University of 
Toronto?s proportion of Canada?s Kyoto commitments, and propel the University 
to the leading edge of sustainable practices among Canadian institutions. The 
Sustainability Office hopes to: 

1       Establish energy efficiency as a key criterion for all decisions   
           relating to facilities, renovations and purchasing;
2       Develop state of the art demonstration projects on campus; 
3       Foster research and development in the area of energy efficiency and 
           create a forum to prove and demonstrate these new developments in a 
           living lab; and
4       Establish a sustainable funding mechanism for the ongoing 
            implementation of energy and emissions reduction projects.

The direction and implementation of the Sustainability Office and Strategy is 
under the guidance of Beth Savan, the inaugural Sustainability Director, and 
Bruce Dodds, the Director of Utilities and Building Operations. The University 
has established an advisory panel, representing students, faculty and 
administrators, to provide high-level support and strategic advice for the 
development of the Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction strategy. Students are 
also important members of the Sustainability Office, filling a variety of 
roles including work-study positions, volunteer positions, and undertaking 
research through related course projects.

The first major project will be a retrofit of Robarts Library, replacing over 
60 000 lighting units with state of the art, energy efficient lamps and 
fixtures. The project will also install motion sensors in the library stacks, 
so that full lighting comes on only when it is needed. The project is expected 
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over a million kilograms per year! 

?The Sustainability Office is an historic step towards environmental 
improvement at the University of Toronto,? says Beth Savan, Sustainability 
Director, ?I look forward to working with staff, students, and faculty to 
build a cleaner, greener U of T.?

On Thursday, February 10th, the Sustainability Office will be holding an Open 
House at the Earth Sciences building lobby/Room 1047A, from 10am to 4pm. Drop 
by to learn more about this exciting new initiative, and find out how you can 
get involved! Refreshments will be provided.

For further information, contact Gaby at 416-978-6792, or email 

Roza Tchoukaleyska

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