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---------AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!---------------

Through the Prairies, around the Great Lakes, and over the Rocky
mountains, three curious and wondrous creatures promise to ripple
change across the nation.  They each have more energy than a solar-
powered generator, move faster than a plate of fair-trade brownies at
a community potluck, and roll on 34 wheels???.


What, you say?
The Otesha Project is a non-profit, youth-run organization that works
to empower Canadian youth to initiate sustainable consumption in their
lives, so that they may ?be the change they want to see in the world?.
This year, we are organizing three 2-month bike tours ? a B.C. tour, a
Prairies tour and a Great Lakes tour. Team members (yes, that could be
you!) will use research, theatre, wit and creativity to develop,
deliver and facilitate educational presentations, workshops and
community celebrations for camps and schools. If you?re looking for a
once in a life-time opportunity, a chance to flex those creativity
muscles like no internship or schooling can deliver, then shimmy on
into some bike shorts and start pedaling! Whilst traversing some
amazing countryside, you?ll learn valuable ?work-world? skills: public
speaking, project development, workshop facilitation, and more!

Who, you ask?
We are looking for inspired, committed volunteers who want to create
enthusiastic, block rockin?, earth-shakin?change! You don?t need to be
a hard-core athlete, own a fancy bike, or have a lot of experience,
and we can work together to find creative ways to overcome personal
financial hurdles.

When, you inquire?
The Prairies Tour will run May-June 2005, the Great Lakes Tour from
July-August 2005, and the B.C. Tour from September-October 2005.
Applications must be submitted to the tour co-ordinators by January
21st 2005.

How, you wonder?
For a downloadable application and more information check out:
http://www.otesha.ca/on+two+wheels, email us at applications@xxxxxxxxx
or reach us by phone at 613-237-6065.

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