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Hello everyone,

(There was a problem with the listserv and only about half the list got
this when it was first sent out.  Please excuse the duplication for
those of you who are getting this for the second time)

The Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society (TUGS), the student union
for undergraduate geography students at the U of T, is currently seeking
enthusiastic candidates for next year's executive.  Don't be shy, if
you've wanted to get invovled with the department and make things
happen, we'd be very happy to have you on board!

Below is the text of the nominatino form with the position descriptions

Nominations close on Friday, March 29th at 10am.
Elections will be held on Wednesday, April 4th between 12pm and 4pm.

Nomination forms are available from the noticeboard by the TUGS Office
(SS 613) and directly from the Geography Department office on the 5th
floor of Sidney Smith Hall.

We look forward to having you on board!



If you are interested in running for a position on next year's TUGS
executive, please submit a statement describing:

1. Position for which you are applying.
2. Why you are interested in running for the position and what you hope
to achieve. (Under 200 words.) 3. Any previous experience that would be
an asset. (Brief.) 4. The year of study for 2002-2003 and program of
study (major, minors, etc). 5. Contact information, including full name,
e-mail address, telephone number, and student number. 6. The signatures
and student numbers of ten geography students (student numbers are
needed to verify status in Geography).

Nomination statements and signatures must be submitted to the TUGS
Office by 10am on Friday, March 29th.  Please place under the door when
the office is closed.  The submitted information (excluding Contact
Information) will be posted on the TUGS bulletin-board and sent out on
the mailing list.  Note:  You must be a full-time student in a Geography
Minor, Major, or Specialist programme for the entire 2002-2003 academic
year to run on the TUGS executive.

Nominations close on Friday, March 29th at 10am.
Elections will be held on Wednesday, April 4th between 12pm and 4pm.

- President
- VP (x2)
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Academic Officer
- Social Officer
- Technical Offier
- 1st and 2nd year Reps (1 for each year)

? Creates agenda and chairs TUGS meetings. 
? Spokesperson and contact person for TUGS. 
? Represents TUGS on committees in the geography 
? Responsible to oversee the operations of TUGS 
and its executive. 
? Liason to the department and to UTERN. 
? Attend ASSU meetings and UTAGA meetings. 
? [Must have been on the TUGS executive for one 

Vice Presidents (x2 positions) 
? Chair TUGS meetings in the absence of the 
? Assume presidential responsibilities in the absence 
of the president. 
? Liason to the class-reps. 
? Organize and coordinate class reps in all first and 
second year geography courses. 
? Plan and conduct election in September for any 
positions not fulfilled in spring election. 
? At least one VP must attend ASSU meetings and 
UTAGA meetings with the president. 

? Record minutes (including attendance) of all 
TUGS meetings and files them in the office. 
? Keeps a file of all meeting agendas along with their 
respective minutes. 
? E-mails a copy of the minutes to the TUGS 
Executive mailing list within 5 days of the meeting. 
? Maintains the Geography Exam File in the office 
and submits updates to the Technical Officer for 
listing on the website. 
? Collects the TUGS mail from the Geography 
Department TUGS mailbox and the ASSU TUGS 
mailbox on a weekly basis and notifies those with 
? Ensures the TUGS office is equipped with all 
needed supplies, and if supplies are needed, orders 
them from the Department. 

? Administer the finances and petty cash of TUGS. 
? Create a detailed record of all incoming and 
outgoing petty cash and cheques. 
? Be prepared with a brief financial statement 
monthly, or upon request. 
? Attend the ASSU financial meeting (in September) 
with the President. 
? Prepare a budget with the executive at the 
beginning of each semester and present it to ASSU 
for approval.  Seek funds not available from ASSU 
from the Geography department. 
? Is the contact person for the Metro Credit Union 
bank account.  
Academic Officer 
? Must prepare a budget for all Academic Events at 
the beginning of each semester and present it to the 
executive at the budget meeting. 
? Must prepare a list of speakers for at least two 
Geolunches, one per semester. 
? Is responsible for organizing Geolunches, though 
the actual organizing can be undertaken by 
different people for each Geolunch. 
? Chairs the Career Day Committee and is the main 
organizer of the Career Day. 
? Is a Liaison, along with the president, on the 
Academic Committee in the Geography 
? Will give all information on events to the 
Technical Officer and the Public Relations Officer 
so they may advertise. 

Social Officer 
? Organizes all TUGS social events, minimally one 
per semester: 
o Get to know the department lunch. 
o Year-end social. 
? Chairs the Social Committee and is the main 
organizer of all social events. 
? Must prepare a budget for all Social Events at the 
beginning of each semester and present it to the 
executive at the budget meeting. 
? Will give all information on events to the 
Technical Officer and the Public Relations Officer 
so they may advertise. 

Public Relations Officer 
? Is in charge of creative design of all promotional 
? Is in charge of the distribution of TUGS posters for 
Academic and Social events, and all other events 
TUGS is holding (and must give a copy of each to 
the Secretary for filing as per ASSU regulations). 
? Chairs the advertising committee. 
? Prepares press releases for events to be advertised 
in the Varsity and Independent Weekly, and other 
local media as deemed necessary. 
? Works with the Technical Officer to ensure events 
have a consistent image both on paper-based 
promotional material and on web and e-mail based 
? Is responsible for the purchasing of supplies 
needed for advertising or contacting the deparment 
to have these supplies purchased. 

1st and 2nd Year Reps (x2; one per year) 
? Represents those years? interests to TUGS. 
? Makes announcements in various courses of that 
? Expose students of given year to TUGS and its 
? Aid the VPs in organizing the class-reps for those 

Technical Officer 
The ideal candidate for this position will be selected from 
all applications by the current executive, as opposed to 
being put to a vote.  Regardless, the candidate must still 
submit all six pieces of information above. 
? Maintains the website according to University of 
Toronto guidelines. 
? Maintains the TUGS mailing lists (listservs). 
? Ensures the TUGS Network Account is not used by 
non-executive students and arranges for the 
password to be changed once per semester, or more 
often as necessary. 
? Sits on the Department?s Computer Committee for 
the GIS lab, and represents GIS students? interests 
to the department. 
? Ensures the TUGS computer account printing 
credits are not used for non-TUGS uses. 
? Preference is given to current or past students in 
the GIS programme. 
? [Must have previous web design and computer 
experience and have a good understanding of 
listservs, computers, and networks; preference is 
given to students in the GIS programme] 

In addition to the listed duties here, the executive 
is expected to work as a team in organizing events 
and  making  sure  the  year  is  a  successful  one!  
Remember, additional duties may be asked of you 
and you may asked to help out with things not 
listed directly under your position above. 


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