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Upcoming TUGS Events:

                 The 05/06 TUGS Exec elections are coming up!

    TUGS Exec nomination forms are due THURSDAY, by 4pm in the TUGS OFFICE

                  Run for a position on the TUGS EXEC!

Nomination forms are available on the bulletin board outside the TUGS Office. 
The position of President requires that candidates must have been on the TUGS 
Exec the preceding year, all other Exec posts are open to all full-time 
Geography students:

VP (2 positions)
Academic Coordinator
Social Coordinator
SAC Environmental Liaison
Technical Officer
4th Year Rep
3rd Year Rep
2nd Year Rep
1st Year Rep

o TUGS Exec nomination forms are due on March 24th by 4pm to the TUGS Office,
o TUGS Executive Elections will take place on March 31st from 12-1pm.   
  Candidate info will be send out on the listservs along with 
  voting instructions


                           TUGS GeoLunch with:

                         Professor Larry Bourne
                     Recipient of the Massey Medal

                    "Is Urban Growth Creating new 
                      Social Divisions in Canada?"

                         Thursday, March 31st 
                            12-1pm, SS2125

                           Lunch Provided!

The Chance of a Lifetime for Toronto

You might love Toronto, but it?s still not quite the city it should be.
What is wrong? And what should be done?

Paul Bedford was the Chief Planner of Toronto until 2004 and helped
shape Toronto?s new Official Plan. This Wednesday he will be talking at
U of T about Toronto?s present and future health.

Many current problems with Toronto will be addressed, but also why they
are still facing us and how they can and must be solved. Expect a
powerful presentation touching on transit strategies, municipal/federal
power balances and sustainable growth.

Time: Wed March 23rd 6:00 PM
Place: Galbraith Building (35 St. George St.) rm. 303

Refreshments will be served.

Inquiries to enviro@xxxxxxxx
Paul Bedford completed his Masters in City and Regional Planning at
Southern Illinois University in 1972. He began his career as a planner
in 1970, working for the St. Louis Redevelopment Authority. In 1973, he
started at the City of Toronto, working his way up to the position of
Chief Planner in 1996, a post that he held until his retirement in April


                            TUGS General Meeting
                             Monday, April 4th
                         12noon TUGS Office, SS613

The last TUGS General Meeting of the term. Vote on 4 constitutional amendments:

Article IV, Section 4, part a): Any executive member who fails to attend two 
TUGS Executive meetings will be automatically removed from their position. 

Article IV, Section 4, part b): Any Executive member who is unable to attend a 
TUGS Exec meeting must notify the Exec via the TUGS Exec listserv 1 day before 
the meeting. 

Article IV, Section 4, part c): The TUGS Executive is responsible for 
determining if the notification noted in part b) is acceptable, and if a TUGS 
Exec member is noted as absent or excused in the meeting minutes. 

Article IV, Section 7, add part e): Each member of the TUGS Executive 
shall hold their position from May 1st to April 30th   

Email TUGS: tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Visit the TUGS website: www.geog.utoronto.ca/info/tugs


Roza Tchoukaleyska

TUGS - President 
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       **     ***   ***  **   ****      ** 
       **     ***   ***  **    **       *** 
       **     *********  ********   ****** 
 Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society 
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 100 St. George St. 
 Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G3 
TUGS GENERAL ANOUNCEMENT MAILING LIST - www.geog.utoronto.ca/info/tugs
Email TUGS: tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or visit the TUGS office in the basement of 
Sidney Smith Hall, Room 613

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