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TUGS Digest for January 23, 2008

Please see below for updates:

1. Class Reps
2. Graduate Seminar - Monday, Feb 4th - 3pm
3. Movie Night - Tuesday, Feb 4th
4. GGAPSS Foosball Competition - Friday, Jan 25th - 1pm
5. Candidate Talk - Monday, Jan 28th - 4pm
6. Toronto's Changing Waterfront: 2008 Seminar Series
7. Free Lecture: Don Mitchell

Stay tuned for more upcoming events.



TUGS is looking for class reps to pass along important event
information in undergraduate classes. Please contact us at
tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you are interested!



Interested in pursuing graduate programs in geography or
planning? Join us Monday, February 4th at 3pm in SS 2125
to learn about the programs offered at U of T. See you there!



TUGS will be hosting a movie night on Tuesday, Feb 4th. We're
looking for film suggestions! If you've seen anything good lately,
pass it along to tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!



First Annual GGAPSS Foosball Competition


Want to show the world that you not only understand
post-modern geography but also the intracacies of commanding
an army of plastic figures? Here's your chance!

All (faculty, staff, family, friends...) are welcome at the GGAPPS
Foosball tournament this Friday, January 25th at 1 pm in the
Taylor Room. If you can't make it, but still think you have skills,
let us know and we can create a consolation tournament.

See you there,

The Foosball Committee


Candidate Talks Remaining for Planning, Public Policy and

Mr. Kevin Gould will be visting the department on Monday
January 28, and his research talk will take place from 4:00 -
5:30pm in Room 2125, Sidney Smith Hall.

Kevin is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography
at UBC, expecting convocation this June. He is currently a
post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Geography at the
Dickey Centre for  International Understanding at Dartmouth
College. Kevin's research engages the critical literature on
neoliberal development policy. Using the World Bank's Land
Policy in Guatemala as a case study, his dissertation examines
the diverse mechanisms through which the practices of
technicians allow neoliberal policy to achieve its
epistemological and material productivity, and its power.

With Kevin's visit being the last, there will be a departmental
meeting for faculty, students and staff to share their evaluations
of each candidate in an open discussion of all four search
candidates (Cahill, Siemiatycki, Lowe and Gould) to be held
on Tuesday January 29, 3-5pm in Room 2125, SS.

The search committee will meet shortly after this meeting to
make its recommendation.

In addition to input from the departmental meeting, the search
committee welcomes written statements commenting on the
candidates. Please submit these letters to the department by
10am on Wednesday January 30.


Toronto's Changing Waterfront: 2008 Seminar Series

Society and Nature in Urban Transformations
Monday, February 4th  12-2 pm.
University of Toronto, Sidney Smith Hall 1078
100 St. George Street
Toronto's Changing Industrial Waterfront
Gunter Gad (UofT)
Manufacturing on the Waterfront in a City-wide Context
Michael Moir (York)
Shipbuilding and Toronto's Waterfront Plan of 1912

Monday, March 3rd   12-2 pm.
York University, York Lanes 305
4700 Keele Street
Planning and Politics on the Waterfront
Gene Desfor (York) Walking on Water: The Politics of Land
Creation Susannah Bunce (York) Planning and the Development
of Sustainability on the Central Waterfront

Monday, April 7th  4-6 pm.  Reception 6-7 pm.
Toronto Archives, 255 Spadina Road
Social-Natural Contexts of Waterfront Change
Dave Andrews/Gail Fraser (York) Double-Crested Cormorant
Management at Tommy Thompson Park
Jennifer Bonnell (OISE)  Tracing the Environmental and Social
History of the Don River

Sponsored by:
City Institute at York University
Cities Centre, University of Toronto
Changing Urban Waterfronts Research Project

For more information contact:
Changing Urban Waterfronts Research Project
Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
416-736-2100 Ext.44022


Don Mitchell Talk at York University

Please join us for a public lecture by *Professor Don Mitchell*,
Department of Geography, Syracuse University.
Monday, January 28, at 7:30 pm in Lecture Hall B, Vari Hall, York

*"Pretext, Paranoia, and Public Space: Rethinking the Right to
the City After 9/11" Drawing on three case studies - two from the
US and one global - this talk will look at how paranoia is
increasingly important in the structuring of urban public space.
It will show that paranoid visions of the city are often masked by
all manner of other "pretexts" that law makers and others use to
cover what are in fact quite irrational - and incredibly debilitating
- fears of any person who is 'not like us.

Don Mitchell is a founding member and director of the People's
Geography Project. The project focus is to bring a greater
understanding to the general public (people who are not
geographers) of how space and place can be used to manipulate
and control human activity.

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