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Please see important message below concerning GIS computer lab:

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From: Richard J. DiFrancesco 
To: tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Cc: JOE DESLOGES ; Bruce Huang ; Byron Moldofsky 
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 2:47 PM
Subject: security for room 620

Dear TUGS Executive members, please post/distribute the following message to 
your membership. Thank you.

As you know the Department of Geography has turned ss620 into an undergrad GIS 
lab...many of you have had extensive exposure to this new facility already. I 
am writing today to ask for your help in protecting our investment in the lab. 
The lab represents a significant investment of departmental (as well as 
faculty) funds. I am writing today to ask for your help. While the lab has 
several layers of security in place, what is needed is constant (or as close as 
possible) on-site monitoring. If tugs members could arrange some sort of 
process which would elevate the consciousness of all resident tugs members re 
the importance of this lab to all of us...perhaps this would go a long way 
toward keeping the lab and its equipment in good shape for years to come.

With regard to the issue of treating the machines in 620 with proper respect, I 
noticed today that several machines have already been treated roughly (pentium 
decals removed, chewing gum left on a cpu etc.) This is not acceptable. You 
have a vested interest in helping maintain the integrity of this lab because if 
it becomes clear to the faculty that room is being abused (even by the 
minority) the room will be placed on normal day-time hours only. So you see 
what I mean when I say it is in everyone's best interest to help keep ss620 
safe and in excellent condition. 

As chair of the departmental computer committee I am asking for your 
cooperation in this regard. Please keep your eyes open. If you see someone 
abusing the machines or treating the room or equipment in an inappropriate 
fashion, simply email myself (difrance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or Bruce Huang 
(huangb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) or call the main office (978-3375), or visit 
the cartography lab (right next door) to report the incident and we will 

I think working as a community we can keep ss620 safe and in great shape 
without the need of reduced hours or enhanced supervision. Please do your part 
to help make it so. Thank you for your time.

Professor R.J. DiFrancesco, Ph.D., M.C.I.P., R.P.P.
Department of Geography & Programme in Planning
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street
Toronto, CANADA
M5S 3G3
(416) 978-2935 (phone)
(416) 946-3886 (fax)

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