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A reminder that Physical Geography Research Day (PGRD) takes place this Friday, Oct 27, from 10 AM - 3 PM. The event takes place in PGB101. Lunch will be served from 12-1. PGRD consists of a series of 15-minute research talks by graduate students and faculty, and opportunities for discussion. We have a great line-up of presenters and look forward to a very interesting day. The schedule of speakers is below. All welcome. Sarah

PGRD Schedule

10:00 â 10:20
Nilima Gandhi, PhD Candidate under supervisor Dr. Miriam Diamond
âAssessing Long-Term PCB Cycling in Hamilton Harbour- An Application of
Coupled Fate-Transport and Food Web Modelâ

10:20 â 10:40
Lisa Zhang, PhD Candidate under supervisor Dr. Jing Chen
âHyperspectral algorithms for retrieving forest biochemical parametersâ

10:40 â 11:00
Chris Eckley, PhD Candidate under supervisor Dr. Brian Branfireun
âSpatial and temporal trends in mercury concentrations associated with
urban street dust and the potential for aqueous mobilizationâ

11:00 â 11:20
Dr. Vincent Robinson, Professor at UTM
âIssues and Challenges of Incorporating Fuzzy Sets in GIS-based
Ecological Modelingâ

11:20 â 11:40
Ajit Govind, PhD Candidate under supervisor Dr. Jing Chen
âCoupled Carbon and Hydrological Cycle Modeling in a Black Spruce
Dominated Ecosystem in Eastern Canadaâ

11:40 â 12:00
Dr. Miriam Diamond, Professor at UT St. George
âWhat's the burning issue with Brominated flame retardants?â

12:00 â 1:00
Lunch and a slideshow of physical geographers at work

1:00 â 1:20
Dr. Sharon Cowling, Professor at UT St. George
âGlobal Ecology and Earth System Modelingâ

1:20 â 1:40
Dr. George Arhonditsis, Professor at UTSC
âEvaluation of the current state of aquatic biogeochemical modeling:
citation analysis and future perspectivesâ

1:40 â 2:00
Dr. Weimin Ju, recent recipient of PhD under supervisor Dr. Jing Chen
âSpatially explicit modeling of coupled water and carbon cycles in
Canadaâs forests and wetlands as affected by disturbance, climate, and
atmospheric compositionâ

2:00 â 2:20
Dr. Nathan Basiliko, Professor at UTM
âThe soil microbial role in northern ecosystemsâ

2:20 â 2:40
Dr. Bill Gough, Professor at UTSC
âTorontoâs short-term climate memoryâ

2:40 â 3:00
Oliver Sonnentag, PhD Candidate under supervisor Dr. Jing Chen
âSpatially explicit simulation of mesotopographic controls on peatland
hydrology and carbon fluxes- model parameterization and preliminary resultsâ

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