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On November 10th, all residents of Toronto have a chance to vote for their 
school board representative, city councillor, and mayor, in the upcoming 
municipal elections. 

However, many students typically miss their chance to vote because of 
confusion about where to vote, how to register, and who is eligible. 

The environment has been a huge issue in this election campaign, and we believe 
voting is an important component of being a good environmental steward, UTERN 
has prepared a little voter information package.

So here's the low down:

You can vote if:

-You are a Canadian citizen. 

-18 years of age or older
-A resident of Toronto or the owner or tenant of property in Toronto or the 
spouse or same-sex partner of the owner or tenant who does not live elsewhere 
in the City. 

-Not prohibited from voting under any law.  

Don't worry if you haven't registered at your current address. Just fill out 
the attached form (the application to amend voters list), and bring it to the 
nearest voting station on November 10th along with personal identification.
Examples of acceptable personal identification include: 

-Government issued identification or form that contains the name and 
qualifying address, e.g., driver's licence, income tax assessment; 

-City of Toronto property tax bill; 

-utility bill (hydro, gas, water, telephone, cable TV) 

-hospital card; 

-bank statement; 

-mortgage, rental or lease agreement; 

-insurance policy (home, tenant and auto); 

-current employer record (pay stub or letter from employer) 

If you live in residence or don't have any of the above ID that states your 
current address, you can ask your residence's office to give you a letter 
stating that you live there.

To find the voting station closest to your address, find out who is running in 
your ward, or get any other information about the upcoming election, call the 
Municipal Elections Hotline (416-338-1111) or visit the City of Toronto 
Elections website:   http://www.toronto.ca/elections/ 

For more information about the five major mayoral candidates platforms, visit 
the following websites:

www.millerformayor.ca/   (David Miller)
www.barbarahall.com/     (Barbara Hall)
www.jakobek.ca/          (Tom Jakobek)
www.johnnunziata.ca/     (John Nunziata)
www.johntory.ca/         (John Tory)

UTERN encourages you to get informed, check out the candidates policies 
(especially environmental policies), and make your vote count!

Municipal Elections Hotline: 416-338-1111 
City of Toronto Elections website:   http://www.toronto.ca/elections/ 

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