[tugs] Master's Degree in Human Geography in Finland

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  • Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 09:52:04 -0400

Hello everyone,

Interested in a Master's Degree?  Well...thinking of paying €89 for it?
Nope, can't do that here in Canada with our pathetic government and
elitist education system - but you can do it in Finland (though don't
expect to get accepted just because you got accepted to a university
here, you actually have to know something to get in there...that's the
downside).  This programme is taught in English, so you don't need to
learn Finnish (...and you thought French was difficult?).

The programme is titled:
An International Master's Degree Programme in HUMAN GEOGRAPHY: Northern
and Eastern Europe in a Global Context

So if you're interests lie in the above area, check it out!  For more
information see the website:


PS.  Don't think that because it only costs  €89 that it is not a good
programme.  The Finnish Government covers all costs of tuition.  You
will probably need to buy books and you need to pay for accomodation.
The  €89 is the Student Union fee which covers your health care while
there and gives you discounts in the cafaterias.


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