[tugs] Important Info on Next Year's Tuition Increase at U of T!

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I have been asked to pass this message on.  I think it's a very important
message, and I hope that others will be at the protest on April 26th.



British Columbia is reducing tuition fees by 5%, after having frozen
increases since 1996.  Manitoba reduced tuition by 10%.  Newfoundland is
reducing fees by 10% for Sept. 2001.  Ontario has moved in the opposite

Are you fed up with tuition fee increases?   Graduate tuition fees have
increased by more than 14% in the last year alone?  Undergrad tuition more
than doubled in the past 10 years and UofT has the 2nd highest in Canada.
Grads are facing a 5% plus increase.

     FIGHT BACK  - Protest tuition increases

UofT Governing Council, THURS. APRIL 26, 4:15 PM. Simcoe Hall, 27 King's
College Circle (SW corner of circle).  These folks will decide how much
tuition you'll pay next year AT THIS MEETING.

Write or call the following people immediately.  Ask them to communicate
your concern to Governing Council.  Tell them why you are concerned, how
you feel about it, and you want them to freeze tuition increases.  Ask
what they are planning to do.

UofT President Birgeneau: "president@xxxxxxxxxxx" 416-978-2121,
        27 King's College Circle, Toronto (by free campus mail)

Wendy Cecil-Cockwell, Chair, Governing Council, c/o "c.oke@xxxxxxxxxxx",
        416-978-8427, 27 King's College Circle

And don't forget Mike Harris, Premier of Ontario, Legislative Building,
Queen's Park, Toronto M7A 1A1 "webprem@xxxxxxxxx".  His government cut
$400 million to post-secondary education 3 years ago.  They de-regulated
graduate tuition, so universities can charge what they like.  They allowed
private universities, where tuition is normally 4 times higher than public

For more information contact the Graduate Students' Union, 416-978-2391


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