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Call for Nominations for the Governing Council

Nominations Open at 9:00 a.m., Monday, January 8, 2007
Nominations Close at 5:00 p.m., Friday, January 26, 2007

Positions Available:

For 1-year terms from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008:

8 Students
? 4 full-time undergraduate students
? 2 part-time undergraduate students
? 2 graduate students

For 3-year terms from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2010:

4 Teaching Staff
? Faculty of Arts & Science (Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cell and Systems Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics and Actuarial Science)
? Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
? 2 seats in the Faculty of Medicine (excluding the Department Health Policy, Management & Evaluation)

1 Administrative Staff

Nomination Forms will be available starting at 9:00 a.m., Monday, January 8, 2007 on the Governing Council web-site: www.utoronto.ca/govcncl/ and from the Office of the Governing Council, Room 106, Simcoe Hall; the Registrar?s Office, UTM; and the Registrar?s Office, UTSC.

Work of the Governing Council:

The Governing Council is composed of 50 members, including the President, Chancellor, 16 government appointees, 12 teaching staff, 8 alumni, 8 students, 2 administrative staff and 2 presidential appointees.

As the University of Toronto?s senior governing body, it oversees the University?s academic, business and student affairs. Decisions approved by the Governing Council affect all members of the University community.

The Council and its Boards are responsible for approving:

? Academic and incidental fees
? Establishment of new academic programs
? Admissions and awards policies
? University?s budget and financial matters
? Campus planning and capital projects
? Personnel policies
? Campus and student services
? Appointment of senior administrators


Please contact Anthony Gray, Chief Returning Officer, at 416-946-7663 or tony.gray@xxxxxxxxxxx

The membership of the Governing Council should reflect the diversity of the University.

Nominations are, therefore, encouraged from a wide variety of individuals.




Jim Delaney
Associate Director & Senior Policy Advisor
Student Affairs, Office of the Vice-President & Provost
University of Toronto
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Email: <jim.delaney@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Provost's Web Site: <http://www.provost.utoronto.ca>

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