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Subject: Research Talk - 2nd UD Candidate - Brent Ryan

This is to advise you that Mr. Brent Ryan a candidate for the Urban
Design position is visiting the  Department on Thursday April 4th and
Friday April 5th, 2002. His research talk will   be held  in  room 2125
at 2:00pm pm Thursday, April 4th, (see details below). We encourage
everyone to attend.     

Thursday April 4, 2002  -  Room 2125  -  2:00 to 3:30 pm     
Mr. Brent Ryan  -   PhD Candidate - Massachusetts Institute of

"The Suburbanization of the Inner City: 
Urban Housing and the Rural Ideal". 
Many older American cities have experienced severe economic decline in
decades. As a result, hundreds of acres of land in these cities formerly

occupied by housing, commerce, and industries now lie vacant.
efforts headed by planners and community organizations are transforming
vacant land into new open space, housing, and commercial facilities. My 
research looks at the physical design of new housing being built in 
inner-city neighborhoods in Detroit and Philadelphia and find that much
this new housing is being influenced by suburban architectural and 
neighborhood design. New inner city housing is generally lower density, 
occupies less of its site, and is more homogenous in terms of its land
and unit type than the housing which previously occupied the site. In
the architectural and neighborhood designs of this new housing is often 
explicity alliterative to suburban housing. My talk will discuss the
causality, and consequences of this phenomenon for the future of
inner cities.



Rohini J Wittke
Assistant to the Chair of Geography/Planning
Professor Joseph R Desloges
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street Toronto ON M5S 3G3
Telephone: 416 978 1843 Fax : 416 978 6729
web: www.geog.utoronto.ca

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