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Errors in 2004-2005 Calendar:

The prerequisite for GGR271 is GGR270 (it is NOT an exclusion),
also GGR272 has NO prerequisites and finally GGR498 has the
exclusion of GGR491 (not the prerequisite). 
Susan Calanza 
Undergraduate Counsellor 
Department of Geography 
Sid Smith Hall Room 5047 


FROM: Howard Tam, Vice-President, University Affairs

Hey all,

Check these out, you may be able to get a work study job related to the
University's new Green House Gas plan! Contact Beth Savan at Innis College
(b.savan@xxxxxxxxxxx) for more info - these are also posted on the career
centre website
Howard Tam 
Vice-President, University Affairs 
University of Toronto Students' Administrative Council 
Tel: (416) 978-4911 ext. 230 
Fax: (416) 978-2018 
Email: vpua@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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Subject: Work Study positions

Work Study Positions:

 1)       Preparing an inventory of GHG/Energy conservation and efficiency
projects (including federated Colleges and Scarborough and Mississauga)
Preparing an inventory of existing building energy audits for U. of T. (2
 2)       Interactive Website Design and maintenance, and preparing notices
and identifying placement opportunities on the U. of T. website (3
 3)       Preparing a Monthly newsletter on GHG/Energy Strategy activities
at U. of T. (2 positions)
 4)       Preparing or securing articles on the GHG/Energy strategy for
campus and other newspapers (2 positions)
  5 )   Preparing an inventory of existing building users committees that
might be expanded to take on the mission of energy efficiency and assisting
in organizing the establishment of such committees where none exist and in
meeting with existing ones to promote energy efficiency as part of their
mandate ( 2  positions)
6 )   Identifying opportunities for outreach to students and faculty and
staff, and preparing materials to reach them (ie. Notes for Deans and
College Principals for welcoming sessions for new students, etc.) (1
7 )   Identifying opportunities for visual displays on campus, securing
access to them and designing and preparing suitable display material (2
8)    Identifying opportunities for collaboration with student
on campus, arranging meetings and workshops, taking minutes and ensuring
that collaborative activities are followed up (1 position)

Student Research Topics for my INI 223 and 444 courses:

1)   Preparing an inventory of relevant faculty research and establishing a
network of researchers and an annual or twice yearly workshop

2)      Preparing an inventory of relevant courses and establishing a
network of professors teaching them and an annual or twice yearly workshop

3)       Preparing degree day analyses of selected buildings or
constellations of buildings on campus for the past several years

4)   Examining Green Power Purchase Opportunities for the University
of Toronto  With the installation of the wind turbine at the CNE grounds in
the City of Toronto, Torontonians were provided with the first opportunity
to invest and purchase green energy. Similar initiatives are underway on
university campuses in the U.S. and Europe where either the University
and/or students commit to purchasing green energy for the campus. The GHG
and Energy Reduction Plan for UofT will require student initiatives, as
as smart energy purchasing policies. Examination of student led initiatives
to  purchase green power is a critical component of the plan which requires
further examination.
5)    Review examples of student led energy initiatives at US and
Canadian Universities. A collection of case studies could become a widely
reviewed report  similar to the moving the economy and provide student
groups, as well as the sustainability chair with a good list of ideas

6)    Undertake a review of existing procurement (not energy) policies on
campus to determine whether energy improvements can be made

7)      Develop a draft bike policy/plan for the University.

Wilfred Haufe
TUGS Vice-President
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Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society 
Sidney Smith Hall, Rm 613 
100 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G3

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