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EVENT: Global Day of Action for Climate Change, Nov 4th

ATTENTION !! Stop the War on Terra !

Next Saturday, November 4th is the Global Day of Action for Climate Change.
People all over the globe will be participating in peaceful walks and
demonstrations against Climate Change, and a call for politicians to pay
attention to the message.

Andrea will be there, will YOU?

Place: Nathan Phillips Square
Time: 1pm
Date: November 4th. Saturday
For more information contact climatechaos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
or visit: http://actfortheearth.org/climatechaos/

SAC needs an Environment Minister, takers?

Feel like working within the largest and most active group of student leaders
at UTM? Want to work with a REAL project budget? Feel like learning about
your student council? Contact Vlad at vputm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Film Fest: Planet in Focus, Nov 1-5

The seventh annual Planet in Focus film festival runs November 1-5 at
Innis College and the ROM.

This year we have over eighty films from around the world on such varied
themes as solving gridlock in New York City, running an AIDS hospice in
Zambia, negotiating for water rights on the rivers between Israel and
Palestine, and one solitary postman delivering letters by hand in the
remote mountains of Bhutan.

Check out http://www.planetinfocus.org

They also have panels and workshops, and don't miss the fun at our Opening
Night party, closing night gala, and Saturday morning Organic Pancake
Brunch. Bring the kids along for our Saturday children's program.

PRIZE MONEY AVAILABLE: At a special eco-film pitch session, contestants
will compete for $3500 in film development money in front of a judging
panel of producers, filmmakers, and labour representatives. The session
is filling up fast but limited spaces are still available, so if you know
of filmmakers who have an eco-film idea be sure to send them this link:

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