[tugs] Debate on the Proposed Varsity Fee & TUGS position

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RE: Debate on the Proposed Varsity Fee - 4pm, Wed Feb 13, Lash Miller rm


As many of you are aware, there is a proposed student levy to pay for
the proposed new athletic centre/varsity stadium.  At a recent ASSU
meeting, the unions of the ASSU council (including TUGS) voted to oppose
the fee.  There is no doubt that this university needs a new stadium and
athletic/student centre, but the money for this should not come from the
already financially stressed student population.  Considering the money
that the university has hidden away, and the fact that the
government/university should be paying for these kinds of things in the
first place, there shouldn't be a need for a student levy.  Student fees
are already too high!  I have no idea how half the world funds education
if the Canadian and Ontario governments (and other provincial
governments) cannot.

We should stop comparing ourselves to the Americans and thinking how
lucky we are.  When we compare ourselves to much of the developed world
(and developing world in many cases), we have _incredibly_ high tuition.
Some countries don't charge a penny!

If you're interested in the debate, please attend this Wednesday Feb 13
at 4 p.m. in Lash Miller rm 159. The title is...."Should Students Pay
Millions for Bricks & Mortar? - Debating the Proposed Student Levy for
the New Varsity Centre."

Panelists include:

Dean Bruce Kidd - Faculty of Physical Education & Health
Andrew Morgan - Chair, Budget Committee of the Council of Athletics &
Rakhi Bhavnani - ASSU President
Jorge Sousa - GSU President

I believe there will be a referendum on this later this year, so make
sure you're informed on the issue before voting!  This will affect
students for the next 20+ years (including, possibly, some of your
children if they end up coming to U of T).

Daniel Stevens
TUGS president

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