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Subject: counterSpin WANTS YOU!

You are invited to join the on-air audience of Canada's leading current
events debate show counterSpin, hosted by Sharon Lewis on CBC Newsworld.
On Wednesday, February 27th we will be discussing the Kyoto Treaty.
Please forward this notice to those members of your organization,
colleagues and friends who may be interested in being members of the
live studio audience and possibly contributing their points of view to
the debate on-air.

With the US clearly out of the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol and quite a
few other countries sitting on the fence, should Canada ratify the
If we do ratify it, what would the economic impact be? Would
it ruin our economy or present us with an opportunity to give it a
If we don't ratify then what are we prepared to do in its place? And
finally, if
the US refuses to get on board, does it matter what Canada or any other 
middle power does?

Those wishing to be members of the on-air audience are asked to kindly
CONFIRM their attendance with me either via e-mail mw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
at T 416.703.1268.  

Audience members are asked to arrive at CBC Building at 7 p.m. - 25 John
Street entrance (between Wellington & Front Sts.), where you will be met
by Audience Coordinator Nadine.  

Myrocia Watamaniuk
Audience Producer 
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings 
8:00pm ET on CBC Newsworld 
(repeat broadcast at 11:00pm ET) 
T 416.703.1268
F 416.504.0329 
www.counterspin.tv <http://www.counterspin.tv/> 
Get involved in the show as a member of our studio audience! 
Call (416) 907-5089 
or email audience@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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