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Hello Everyone,

The department of Geography is hiring two new Assistant Professors for next 
year - and TUGS is organizing undergraduate involvement in the selection 

Details for the first presentation by a candidate for the Urban Geography 
Assistant Professor position are below. I encourage everyone to attend and 
provide their input.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop by the TUGS office or send an 
email: tugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Roza Tchoukaleyska
TUGS - President



A new Assistant Professor position in Urban Geography has been announced in the 
Department of Geography:

·  Urban Geography: metropolitan development, social inequalities, social-
   spatial polarization, and an interest in North American cities

Candidates who have been short-listed for the position are currently presenting 
Research Talks! 

All undergrads are encouraged to attend and provide their input to the 
Selection Committee ? the successful candidates will be teaching your classes 
next year!

The first Candidate will be presenting his Research Talk this THURSDAY, 
February 3rd from 4:15-5:30pm in SS2125. Abstract is included below 

Mr. Jonathan Lepofsky - Research Talk 
Thursday, February 3rd - 4:15pm in room 2125 

"Reimagining Community, Economics, and Urban Development." 

This presentation overviews my research on community development, 
economic geographies, and urban and regional restructuring.  My 
research addresses strategies for poverty alleviation and reductions in 
social and economic exclusion through the on-going turn to 
community.  This presentation draws from my recent research on a 
complementary currency initiative to examine the ways in which local 
money can be used to create new circuits of wealth, build community, 
and alter social and economic geographies.  This project informs ways 
to open up community development and related strategies to create 
social and economic inclusion.


Roza Tchoukaleyska

TUGS - President 
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