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Hi Everyone,

The Lepofsky talk has been postponed to Friday morning.
Friday, February 4 at 9:30 am, SS 2125

> The first Candidate will be presenting his Research Talk this THURSDAY, 
> February 3rd from 4:15-5:30pm in SS2125. Abstract is included below 
> _________
> Mr. Jonathan Lepofsky - Research Talk 
> Thursday, February 3rd - 4:15pm in room 2125 
> "Reimagining Community, Economics, and Urban Development." 
> This presentation overviews my research on community development, 
> economic geographies, and urban and regional restructuring.  My 
> research addresses strategies for poverty alleviation and reductions in 
> social and economic exclusion through the on-going turn to 
> community.  This presentation draws from my recent research on a 
> complementary currency initiative to examine the ways in which local 
> money can be used to create new circuits of wealth, build community, 
> and alter social and economic geographies.  This project informs ways 
> to open up community development and related strategies to create 
> social and economic inclusion.
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