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This is to advise you that Dr. Ajay Garde a candidate for the Urban
Design position will be visiting the  Department on Thursday March 28th,
2002. His research talk will be held  in room 2125 at 2:30pm (see
details below). We encourage everyone  to attend.   

Thursday March 28, 2002  -  Room 2125  -  2:30 to 4:00 pm   
Dr. Ajay Garde  - Lecturer University of Southern California

New Urbanism: The Making of a Design Paradigm and Public Policy 

The supply side story of urban development has been focused in the
research, to examine how reformist ideas such as New Urbanism are
formed.  Why they are promoted by designers, sponsored by developers,
and endorsed by public officials?  And why they continue to have such
popular appeal that often leads to institutional and regulatory reform?

The research is divided into two parts.  In the first part, the
development of New Urbanism has been compared with that of Garden City
movement and Neighborhood Unit concept to show that innovations in urban
design are governed by paradigms.  These preconceived models incorporate
contemporary social values and dominant intellectual thoughts, and
eventually influence public policy.  New Urbanism is one such paradigm,
and it deserves serious consideration.  In the second part, the design,
development, and approval process of 202 New Urbanist projects in the
United States have been investigated, to examine barriers and channels
for diffusion of New Urbanism, and to suggest recommendations.  The
study concludes with reflections on the making of design paradigms and
its implications for public policy.




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