[tssg-tech] Comments of PK's architecture diagram

  • From: Jim Cant <cant_jim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tssg tech <tssg-tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 13:44:54 -0500


I have a few comments on the elegant document that Peter has prepared; it adds 
some useful explanation to the graphics.

My main comment concerns the last paragraph which I don't think captures the 
functionality we are trying to create.  Here's that paragraph:


The third list is the Search result. When the View's
search button is selected, the Search function supplies the the search criteria
to the View. The selected criteria are passed, via the Adapter , to the Search
engine,  which will find and copy  those Events which match the search criteria
into its own Eventlist which in turn is presented to the view for display. The
Search.Eventlist is either empty or it contains the results of the last search.

I think a difficulty with this is that we are still not yet talking about a 
functional unit we might call the 'core' of the application (maybe 'appCore'?) 
which is the only part of the application that knows about the other parts:  
the UI, the Data Model, the View,* the EventSource, the DataStore.  Note that I 
list both UI and View; these are not the same thing.  The View presents a 
'view' of the data (in the Data Model) to the user; the View is only part of 
the UI.

Using the idea of the 'core', the functionality described might be restated 
this way:  When the UI's (not View's) search button is clicked, the core is 
notified.  The core then call's into the Search subsystem to gather search 
criteria from the user.  Then the core again calls into the search subsystem to 
do the actual search; it passes both the search criteria and the current list 
of events to search and gets back a list of Events that match the criteria.  
The list might be empty.  (note: the Adapter is not  involved in the search.)  
The core then passes the list of matching events to the UI to be displayed.

Minor Points: I don't see what the floppy disk image is meant to convey in the 
boxes displaying the RSS reader and DataStore lists; these list are held in 
memory and not on disk.  Also, the double arrow icon between these two boxes 
seems out of place.  Finally, I vote to use the calendar icon (upper right in 
diagram) as the icon for the 'save to calendar' function;  it's much more 
suggestive than the clock face.

I hope this proves useful.



*The term 'View' in this context refers to the View in the 
Model/View/Controller (MVC) paradigm.  This can be confusing because everything 
displayed on the phone's screen is an instance of the Android 'View' class (or 
some subclass thereof).  That is, an 'android.view.View' class instance is used 
to display the MVC-View.

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