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In case anyone is interested:

+mwww/detail.html?sid=3D2304&deptid=3DOTHER&catid=3DAuto1&itemno=3DD52> =20
+mwww/detail.html?sid=3D2304&deptid=3DOTHER&catid=3DAuto1&itemno=3DD52> =20
+mwww/detail.html?sid=3D2304&deptid=3DOTHER&catid=3DAuto1&itemno=3DD52> Dr.
Brian Greene * The Fabric of the Cosmos
Thursday, March 3 * 7 pm presentation
Milwaukee Public Library's Centennial Hall
733 N. Eighth St. * 414-286-3031

Brian Greene is one of the most renowned physicists of our time. The
author of The Elegant Universe, he is professor of physics and
mathematics at Columbia University and co-director of the Institute for
Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics (ISCAP). Dr. Greene has
been working on unified theories and quantum gravity for more than a
decade. He is joined by Dr. Leonard Parker, distinguished professor and
director of Center for Gravitation and Cosmology in the Physics
department of UWM. Dr. Parker introduces Dr. Greene on March 3 at
Milwaukee Public Library's Centennial Hall.=20

Here's a little of what Greene has to say about his new book. "I find
that translating cutting-edge research into more familiar language
forces me to strip away extraneous details and zero in on the core
ideas. Often, this helps me to organize my own thoughts and has even
suggested research directions. And it's exciting to see ideas that are
close to my heart and those of other researchers in the field reach a
wider audience. The questions we are tackling are universal, and
everyone deserves the right to enjoy the progress we're making... I
wouldn't say that The Fabric of the Cosmos is a book on cosmology.
Cosmology certainly plays a big part, but the major theme is our ever
evolving understanding of space and time and what it all means for our
sense of reality. The Elegant Universe was a book about the search for a
unified theory, in which space and time were supporting characters. As I
was writing it, I almost had to keep space and time in check as they so
easily could have taken over. In The Fabric of the Cosmos, I let them
have free reign-and space and time, with little effort, assumed the
starring roles."

Visit the Dr. Brian Greene Website

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