[Try Astronomy] Yerkes Trip Sept 13th Update (2:30 PM)

  • From: "Vic & Carolyn Vargo" <vargocj@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:35:59 -0500

There is only one list of people for the Yerkes trip, but you must look at the 
lastest update version to see the cuurent list. (i.e. date and time of e-mail 
sent and the subject reference). We have sent out complete lists on Sep 5th, 
Sep 9th and now today (Sept. 13th 2:30).   If someone cancels from the primary 
list we will go to the persons on the backup list as they appear.  With Keith 
Parkansky cancelling there will be another spot. Sujatha has returned from her 
trip so she will be in charge of the list updates.

Attached is the updated list of people (as of Sept 9th 2:30)  interested in 
going on the Yerkes Observatory trip Sept. 23rd.

    Primary List
    1) Becca Sher
    2) Jeff Setzer
    3) Suresh Thankavel
    4) Sean Adams
    5)......................(CANCELLED)..........Keith    Parkansky
    6) Glenn Sarlitto
    7) Art Paque
    8) Tony Marek

    Backup list if 8 people are not on primary list.
       Dave Windorski ?
       Doreen Owens ?
       Sujatha Govindarajan 
       Govind Govindarajan
       Vic Vargo

Please let Sujatha know if you want to be on the list or want to be removed 
from the list.
In the future we will be using the website to show current lists and 
information concering upcoming events 

Have fun!

Thanks, Vic     Phone:     (414) 327-3861     Cell:     (414) 331-3862   

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