[Try Astronomy] Milwaukee Astronomical Society Open House

  • From: "Scott A. Berg" <tryastronomy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tryastronomy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 08:00:37 -0700

I am a member of Milwaukee Astronomical Society (MAS) in New Berlin and an
occasional visitor to the Urban Stargazers.

You are invited to an MAS open house / public viewing session next week on the
evening of Friday, April 23.  Whatever the weather, there will be an indoor
presentation on how telling time relates to astronomical movements and a tour
of the grounds.  If you've never been out to the site, it's worth a visit.

This Friday April 16 will be the MAS monthly meeting.  It's at the UW-M physics
building across the hall from the planetarium.  Business at 7, presentation at
8.  The speaker is a MAS member Dave Borchardt on astrophotography.

This coming Sunday, April 18, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel will feature the
MAS in a story about national astronomy week.  It might appear only in the
Waukesha section.

Also, MAS has an 18" Obsession dob.  Dave Kriege is a long time member of MAS
and another long time MAS member left money to buy it when he died.  I use it
often (just last night in fact - Jupiter was outstanding!) and it's a real joy
to look through.  There are lots of experienced users who would be glad to talk
about it.

See: http://www.milwaukeeastro.org/


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