[Try Astronomy] Hello!

  • From: Keith Parkansky <keithp@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tryastronomy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 22:42:48 -0600

This is the first "official" (i.e. non-test)
message of the "Try Astronomy" listserv.  To
send a message to listserve (currently 6 members)
address your e-mail to:

freelists.org allows the setup of listservs
_without_ appending advertisements to messages.
However, I created a "footer" that gets appended
to every message which contains instructions on
sending, subscribing, and unsubscribing from the
list (see the end of this message).

freelists.org also lets you set up a Web page
about your list.  I created a first draft of
a Web page.  Please review it by clicking on
the link below so that we can discuss it at
the next meeting.  I purposely worded things
to indicate that we are NOT a formal club for
liability reasons, should someone trip over a
tripod leg or get hit by an asteroid.  This
page can also be used to subscribe/unsubscribe
from the list.  Note that there is no trailing
slash after the word 'tryastronomy' in this URL.
If a trailing slash is added you will get an
error page.

Keith Parkansky
This message and any attachments
were automatically scanned for
viruses prior to being sent.

This message was sent to you
from the "Try Astronomy Milwaukee"
listserv (a.k.a. mailing list)
used by Milwaukee's urban

To send an e-mail message to
everyone subscribed to the
listserv, simply send it to:

If you know of someone who
would like to sign up to also
receive messages from this
listserv (a.k.a. subscribe),
they can use the above Web page
or have them send a blank e-mail
and put the word SUBSCRIBE in
the Subject line of the message.

If you wish to stop receiving
messages from this listserv,
you can use the above Web page
or send a blank e-mail to:
and put the work UNSUBSCRIBE in
the Subject line of your message.

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