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ClamWin will scan Outlook messages. It is free and open source.


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Just one question final question.

AVG had a nice feature I didn't have with Avira or now with MSE-Email scanning.

This interface was sure a painless affair:
No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com<http://www.avg.com>
Version: 2012.0.2178 / Virus Database: 2425/5038 - Release Date: 06/01/12

Is there an email scanner I can use that is as inviable and simple as the one 
in AVG was,
since I don't think the Thunderbird does a scan.


On 6/2/2012 7:19 PM, brian wrote:

OK, Thats good enough for me.

MSE will be my new full time program!

Thanks for the advise.



On 6/1/2012 9:27 PM, armando barreiro wrote:
I install MSE in all the systems that come to me or that I build and MSE is the 
only one that I use in the two Windows boxes that I still have.


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Subject: [triadtechtalk] Re: Portable Program Question
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Date: Friday, June 1, 2012, 1:01 PM

I didn't mean to convey that the listing I posted is things I have on my 
computer; it was just a list of programs that install tool bars.
It could be used by anyone was wondering if a particular programs bundled a 
tool bar with it.

Fortunately I did a quick view of the items on the list and don't have any of 

I had used AVG for a number of years, but I switched to Avira a while ago (I 
think you recommended it at that time)
After you had mentioned Microsoft Security Essential in a posting a few weeks 
ago I did installed it.
I kept Avira and switch between the two deactivation the other while using one 
of them at a time to evaluate.
Then I saw a review of all the free anti virus programs for 2012 and AVG was on 
the top again.
Fondly remembering AVG, I then kept Microsoft Security Essentials deactivated, 
deleted Avira, and started using AVG.

I had since noticed that in the Windows Secrets Newsletter • Issue 326 • 
2012-02-16, Is your free AV tool a ‘resource pig?’
Fred Langa personally recommends MSE. ( http://tinyurl.com/6wd6wj2 )
He said in the posting:
    "For me — for now — nothing in these numbers would alter my recommendation 
— and personal use — of Microsoft Security Essentials."

I still have MSE installed, but it is inactive and only use if needed. Both of 
them are much easier to use than Avira.
Since I can only keep AVG inactive until the next boot, I don't want to switch 
MSE unless you think there is a big difference in the two.

Your advise would be appreciated.

On 6/1/2012 1:55 AM, armando barreiro wrote:
Re list of installed stuff, a quick browse over the list you submitted leads me 
to think that there are things installed that you don't need.

In the first place, I use but Microsoft Security Essentials only, though I did 
install McAfee's links security advisor toolbar. No need for Zone Alarm, IMO, 
at all.

To check your list of stuff see 

Best wishes,

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Subject: [triadtechtalk] Re: Portable Program Question
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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012, 11:01 PM
Howard, Chuck, & Armando,

Thanks for all the great tips.

    "just deleting all the files. If you use a registry cleaner"
Howard, I had stopped using a registry cleaner since I thought W7 runs it 
But that is sure good to know I can delete and then scan the registry !

    "unwise.exe "
I had wondered for a long time what Unwise.exe was-- it sounded nefarious!
But that sure got rid of Sotonic-Eng7!
I had used uninstall but never unwise.exe

    "If it's listed in your installed programs then it's not portable"
Armando, I had been following that line of thinking but Softonic wasn't listed 
in Add/Remove.
I think something I may had done back a while ago could have eliminated some 
installed programs from the
 Add/Remove list because they were also not listed in other uninstaller apps I 

    "all sorts of rogue junk that gets added on when you install lots of 
Chuck, I spent much of the AM  checking for tool bars; I have a couple that 
were unwanted and deleted them.
I must have been paying attention when installing programs and unchecked nearly 
tool bar options that had that option before installing the program.
I was surprised that I didn't have a problem.

It is nice to learn a few more tricks.
And although I may not know if a program is portable for sure, I know how to 
delete it and compensate for left overs with a registry scan.

NOTE: For anyone checking on their tool bars they have I have included a 
listing below.

Thanks for the help again.



The list is reproduced here from Calenderof updates forum, with a few edits.
    4 shared Desktop - Toolbar.
    Ad-Aware - Google Chrome
    Adobe Flash Player - Google Toolbar
    Adobe Reader - eBay Desktop
    Advanced SystemCare formerly known as Iobit advanced one care - Yahoo 
Toolbar (selecting     no will still do changes on the system)
    Aero Fox addon for Firefox - Ask toolbar.
    Any Video Converter – Google Chrome.
    AnVir TaskManager - Dealio Toolbar, RegistryCleanerPro and some other third 
party applications.
    AOL Instant Messenger - AOL Toolbar
    Apple’s Software Updater - Safari Browser, QuickTime, iTunes
    Applian FLV Player - Yahoo Toolbar
    Auslogics Disk Defrag - Ask Toolbar.
    Auslogics Duplicate File Finder - Ask Toolbar.
    Auslogics Registry Defrag - Ask Toolbar
    Auslogics System Information - Ask Toolbar
    Avast - Google Chrome but not pre-selected.
    AVG LinkScanner, AVG Free, AVG 9 - Yahoo Toolbar
    BitComet - Google Toolbar
    BitTorrent 6.1.2/6.3 - Ask Toolbar
    BurnAware Free - Ask Toolbar.
    CCleaner (standard installer) - Yahoo Toolbar
    CDBurnerXP - Ask toolbar, SpywareTerminator and Uniblue Registry Booster.
    ChrisTV Lite - ChrisTV Toolbar/Relevant Knowledge adware.
    ClamWin - Ask Toolbar
    Corel Paint Shop Pro X - Yahoo! Toolbar but not pre-checked.
    CPU-Z - Ask Toolbar
    CSmenu - Ask Toolbar.
    Cyberlink BD Advisor - Google Toolbar.
    Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 - Google Toolbar and BETA of Moovielive
    Daemon Tools - Search tool and sponsor ad module
    Defraggler - Yahoo Toolbar
    DexTop - RegistryBooster.
    Digsby instant messenger – Yahoo Toolbar, MyFreeze NetAssistant for 
Firefox, Smart Shopper, WeatherBug, Regsitry Power Cleaner, Relevant Knowledge 
Toolbar, changes     browser homepgae to My Freeze. Additionally, if uses your 
bandwidth to crawl         the web for stock market research.
    DivX - Yahoo Toolbar/Norton Security Scan
    Driver Sweeper - Open Candy.
    Duplicate Cleaner - Bing Toolbar and Search Helper Extension in Firefox.
    DVDx - Ask Toolbar
    FLV Player - Yahoo! Toolbar.
    FormatFactory - ebay shorcut and/or Ask toolbar.
    Foxit Pdf Reader - Ask Toolbar and ebay shortcut in desktop
    Freecommander - ebay shortcuts.
    Free Download Manager - prechecked and bundles Software Informer
    Free YouTube to MP3 Converter - DVDSoft Toolbar, search engine.
    Game House Installers - Google Desktop Search and/or Google Toolbar for IE.
    GameVance Installer - Ask Toolbar and Weather Channel Desktop
    GetGo Download Manager - Ask Toolbar.
    Glary Utilities - Ask Toolbar
    GOM Player - Ask Toolbar.
    Google Earth - Pre checked Google Toolbar installation or Chrome browser.
    Google Talk - no addon but will change default search setting of IE
    Hotspot Shield - Hotspot Shield Community Toolbar (by default) from Conduit.
    ICQ - ICQ Toolbar
    IE7Pro - Offering ProgSense. Installed Grab Pro Toolbar (using Ask search).
    IM ToolPack - Crawler toolbar.
    ImgBurn - Ask Toolbar and Uniblue Desktop icons.
    IMMUNET - Ask Toolbar.
    Incredimail - MyStart Homepage and Search Page
    IOBit Security 360 - IObit Toolbar.
    IOBit Smart Defrag - Yahoo Toolbar/Search Settings.
    IObit Advanced SystemCare - Yahoo Toolbar.
    IrfanView - Google Toolbar for IE and Google Desktop Search
    Isobuster - Ask Toolbar
    IZArc - RegistryBooster.
    Logitech Setpoint - Logitech Yahoo! Toolbar
    ManyCam Virtual Webcam - Ask Toolbar and Norton Security Scan.
    Maxathon 2 - Facebook Sidebar Plugin
    McAfee Site Advisor update - Yahoo! default browser search
    MediaCoder - Registry Reviver.
    MessengerPlus! Live - Ask Toolbar.
    Miro - Ask Toolbar.
    MP3 WMA Converter - Yahoo Search and Delio Comparsion Shopping Toolbar
    MooO Connection Watcher - AutoComplete Pro
    MyPhoneExplorer - offering ebay shortcuts
    Nero Free, Nero Burning Rom or Nero 9 Essentials and Nero BurnLite 10 - Ask 
    Norton products - Ask Search in Norton toolbar. No option to remove and it 
was pushed by including in a Norton patch.
    Office Live add-in - includes Silverlight as add-on
    OpenCandy - offering third party software. Report says that even if you do 
not install the 3rd party software, there is modification in the registry, 
files and will add tracking cookies. There's also Conduit Toolbar in the page
    PalTalk - Ask Toolbar. There's a nag screen prompting to upgrade from free 
to paid edition. No way to turn off the nag.
    Panda Cloud AV - Yahoo Search Assistant and a pre-checked toolbar.
    PC Tools Spyware Doctor - Google Toolbar
    PC Tools Firewall Plus - Google Toolbar and Threatfire
    PC Tools ThreatFire - Google Toolbar.
    PC Wizard 2010 - Ask Toolbar.
    PDFCreator - Yahoo Toolbar. Also offers PDFforger Toolbar and Widgi Toolbar 
(mybrowser bar).
    PDF-XChangeViewer - Ask Toolbar.
    Perfect Utilities - Relevant Knowledge (RK) toolbar
    PhotoFiltre - Ask Toolbar.
    Picpick - Ask Toolbar.
    Quick Media Converter HD - Ask Toolbar, Ask Search, Ask Homepage (by 
    Quicksys RegDefrag - Ask Toolbar.
    RapidTyping - Bing Toolbar.
    Recuva - Yahoo toolbar
    RealPlayer - Google Chrome pre-checked.
    Risingware Fast Start Genie - installs Fast Start Genie and Risingware 
    Shockwave Player - Norton Security Scan or Google Toolbar
    SIW (System Information for Windows) - Crawler Toolbar. The installer of 
SIW (free version) will offer SnagIt (report here)or PC Tools Registry Mechanic 
(report here) but not pre-checked.
    Skype - Google Toolbar and Browser Highlighter
    Spiderplayer - Bing Toolbar.
    Spyware Terminator - Web security guard, Crawler
    StarBurn - installs StarPort DVD-ROM Emulator and SaveTubeVideo tools
    Sun Java RE (online installer) - Google Toolbar / Live Search for Windows 
Toolbar. There's report too that Carbonite Backup is being offered (depends on 
your location)
    Sun Java - OpenOffice.org
    Thoosje Sidebar - Amazon or eBay toolbar.
    Trillian - Ask Toolbar, Weather Channel Desktop and RegistryBooster
    Unlocker 1.90 - eBay Desktop shortcuts and Bing Toolbar (with 30 seconds 
waiting for proceeding to install if you'll uncheck Bing Toolbar install).
    uTorrent - Ask Toolbar.
    Vdownloader Plus - Ask Toolbar and eBay shortcuts.
    Veoh media player - Yahoo toolbar, search engine change & search protection
    VSO Image Resizer - Ask Toolbar.
    WeatherBug - Ask Toolbar.
    Webroot SpySweeper - Ask Toolbar
    Wildfire CD Ripper - Download Energy Torrent toolbar
    Winamp - Winamp Toolbar
    Windows Live Installer - Windows Live Toolbar and Sign-in Assistant
    Windows SteadyState - Windows Live Toolbar
    Winzip - RegistryBooster and Google Toolbar
    xplorer2Lite - Conduit toolbar
    XP-Antispy - eBay Shortcuts.
    YaHoo! Instant Messenger - YaHoo! toolbar, with ‘YaHoo! Search Protection’ 
and homepage change to YaHoo!
    ZoneAlarm - Conduit toolbar. Search powered by Google.

On 5/31/2012 9:01 AM, Howard wrote:

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Brian ... I agree totally with Chuck in OK!!! If a computer comes to me for 
repair, I go through the add/remove programs and remove ALL toolbars.

If there are any tool bars on the computer that are not in the add/remove, I 
simply delete them and run my registry cleaner to remove the stuff left in the 
registry. Many of them read your keystrokes and send the info back! They also 
eventually add a lot of bars across your browser and take up a lot of viewing 
area on your monitor. They cause more problems than some viruses.

Try to stay away from installing as a lot of them piggyback on other installs 
and need to be unchecked to avoid installing them.


Brian keep in mind there are all sorts of rogue junk that gets added on when 
you install lots of programs.... most of them are near useless and when comes 
to toll bar helpers I dump them totally have no use nor want any jerk outfit 
taking my control for their advert trash bag junk. And if after deleting the 
toolbar trash a particular program wont work to me it simply means came form 
the garbage can since needs trash to make money for the company.Keeo\p it 
simple stupid still is my game plan and I will not allow or keep any of the 
rash drive by add-ons that get stuck in with lots of programs..... and near all 
the big outfits sucker you into it...... ask your self... how many times have 
you seen the Google junk added in when installing programs? to me way too many 
and I do use Google but not as a toolbar and the rest of the junk it wants to 
add so they can make money.To me seems you have been out searching the 
dumpster's and finding so called needed programs that have dumped stuff on you 
unknowingly. keep in mind there are no more free lunches...... its all advert 
trash generally.......... chuck in Ok

No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com<http://www.avg.com>
Version: 2012.0.2178 / Virus Database: 2425/5036 - Release Date: 05/31/12

No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com<http://www.avg.com>
Version: 2012.0.2178 / Virus Database: 2425/5038 - Release Date: 06/01/12

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