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jkimble@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Guess I will have to correct this through the telephone company and not

can always do like I did..... went and got me a copy of the Oklahaoma State 
Corporation rules for telephone service and visited my local phone office... 
got my line fixed in two days when I first moved out here.... at that time I 
couldnt even connect at all and when I did was no faster than 14.4 and that 
was late 1997.,,, we are now getting fiber optics laid so will improve and 
they have told me that  I am one of a few who will be provided with the dsl 
system as soon as connected up so they can get it all working properly.... 
lol. so a bit of complaining with some paper in hand does pay off ...and cant 
wait until it happens...did the download for Winxp RC2 .. 499.66 megabytes 
was 56 hours... . Chuck.. in Ok


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