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> Seems like it ought to be always dial my default connection.
> I am having a little problem connecting thought this might be the problem.

that button will always sign you on immediately wheever any work you are 
doing may want to connect to the internet.... can be troublesome as it is 
saying that is all you want to do is immediatley get connected..... if you 
are having connection problems  it may be due to phone line disturbances or 
system problems with your isp..you can go to control panel and clcik on the 
modem icon... then use that area to do diagnostics of your modem... it may 
also require an update for your modem as many times changes are made to 
telephone systems or isp systems that have been changed and you need to get 
updates for your modem to fix the problems....
      again .. may be just the phone system... for instance here with our 
phone system..... it is a private phone company with about 450 customers... 
and I think it is all run over barbed wire,string,tin cans and paper 
cups....and then we conncet thru them to Southwestern Bell Systems..... so 
when I connect it may be anywheres from 24,000 to 41.666 and only on 41,666 
if its a terrific day... like maybe once a week.... additionally... the 
wiring in your home may be bad,loose connections or like here.. if they get 
wet.. forget it... phone sounds like frying bacon.... all have to do with 
your connecting ....lots to check out....     Chuck... in Ok


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