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Hi Brian ... I think you may want to Google about removing Vista from a dual 
boot with win 7. You may find that it will leave some repair work to do in Win 
7 after that is done. I have never seen a computer with those 2 dual booting, 
but in other combinations, some damage is done to the boot files. I’m  sure you 
will find someone who has done that.

As for Firefox, I (personally) don’t care for it at all. THAT IS JUST MY 
OPINION FOLKS! I have heard good things about it, but I have tried and don’t 
see faster, better, safer etc. etc. ... guess I go back too far to change much. 
I also don’t think you can change the assigned letter of the system partition.

Just a quick note to give my opinion ...


From: brian 
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Subject: [triadtechtalk] Re: Another Vexing Problem

Richard & Chuck,

Thanks for the replies.

First about Richard's suggestion.

I checked for the special Icon.
But I don't have this  Icon in the the Firefox search bar; I have this one 
I did some checking and the mention of the ActiveX seemed to be just related to 

So I thought maybe my IE web browser was causing the problem.
But when I looked at the search area in IE and hoovered over the Icon it 
displayed this:

So I guess IE isn't causing the problem.
A few of the sites I looked at when checking ActiveX mentioned that DOM Storage 
in Firefox could be a problem.
I then used  about:config in Firefox to change the setting to false to 
deactivate them.
But again the problem persists.

One thing for sure the problem is not with IE or Chrome browser. 
This is a good example what the problem is doing only to Firefox:
This is the display of an Amazon web page using Chrome:

And this is the same page displayed in Firefox:

As can be seen, nearly all the graphics is gone from Firefox and in fact, much 
of the text!

It make some web sites nearly impossible to navigate since one can't see 
various options.
Like the missing down arrow in the Electronics box in Firefox.

I hope this may spark some further ideas about the cause and solution to this 
Chuck, Yes, I sure agree that it is time to remove Vista.

I have been very cautious about making certain changes since it like a medical 
the cure can cause100 times more severe problems than one started with.

I have found a way I think I can remove Vista, and would appreciate if you 
think it is the way to go.
Vista is now on the C:\ drive and Win7 is on the B:\ drive both on the same 
disk along with a Gateway recovery partition, A:\.
My plan was to make a Vista image back up just in case, and also do a separate 
back up of some other things not on Win7.

Then I would simply format the Vista C:\ drive using Win Explorer hoping Win7 
would revert to the C:\ drive where it belongs.
These would be the steps I would plan to take:
a. Boot into W7.
b. Click Start>Computer & check to see how many partitions you have. 
c. Identify the Vista partition 
d. Right click on it>select Format>Start. 
e. And in a few minutes I would hope Vista would be gone.

If you think that would work without causing more problems I will add it to my 
to do schedule.



On 1/25/2012 5:31 PM, RICHARD MATTHEW wrote: 
  You need to allow ActiveX on those pages, Brian, or else you will get that 
message. Look up at your bar where the  url is. see the little blue circle with 
the line through it? Click on it and then click, "Turn off ActiveX filtering. 
You should be good to go.


  On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 3:12 PM, brian <brian99@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hello to all TTT members,

    I have encountered a problem that seems basic but I simply can't solve it 
no matter what I try.
    I hope someone has experience with this problem.

    I am using W7 64Bit with Firefox.

    The problem involves not being able to install Adobe Flash Player.

    When displaying web pages there are sections missing.
    E.G, this message is displayed when I go to this site to display a chart: 

    So I then click the message and it displays this:


    Then when I click to find the missing Plug In it finds it: Flash Player:


    So hopefully I click and expect it will install the plug In.
    All looks promising as it starts to install. . . .

    But then it stops updating and displays this message stating that Firefox 
has disabled Flash:
    Check Your Plug-ins

    Keeping your third-party plug ins up to date helps Firefox run safely and 
    Missing FLASH?

    For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Flash. 
Please upgrade to the latest version.
    Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Flash Player (7.74 MB)

    It takes me to a Plug In page indicating the Java is outdated so  I update 
both the 32 and 64 bit version of Java.

    So I update Java but it didn't help at all; the same problem exists.
    When I try to install Adobe Flash Player this is displayed and the entire 
cycle is repeated :

    My system is a dual boot with Win7 and Vista; could that be a problem even 
when only using Win7?

    I hope someone has an idea what could be causing this.

    Thanks for any help.


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