[tpsy_readers] Re: Bookclub is this Wednesday 6pm

  • From: Patricia Tobi <chickenhappy1@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 08:54:43 -0700

I will be there if not working -on call :(
See you all!
Patty T

On Sunday, January 20, 2013, Louise Semino wrote:

> Hear ye Hear ye   I will only be sending this once as I have recovered
> from my OCD and my impatience to have it come to my email immediately and
> not the next day.
> In keeping with location of  The Forgotten Garden,  we will be eating
> English,-- so far I'm making Welsh Rarebit (Bugsbunny cartoon always said
> you get nightmares from this dish), an English Trifle for dessert, plus a
> Major Grey's Chutney appetizer.  Anything you would like to bring is
> welcome with one request.....It must be an English or Australian food or
> you must give it an English or Australian name ......So you could bring
> chicken wings and call them the' Parts from Down Under'...... ...I have
> plenty of food so do not feel you have to bring anything ....this is just
> something I done a few times and it always bring out the best of a creative
> group.     ...do bring your own beverage of choice .
> We live a little over 5  miles out Big Goose from Highland hill .  Turn
> right at the Pierce Road sign ( looks just like a street signpost in town)
> and go 1/2 mile.  You will go over Big Goose creek at 1/4 mile, Just stay
> on the main road.
> At 1/2 mile, the road divides three ways stay center and we are
> immediately on the right...park anywhere in the circle drive....You will
> know you have the right place as I have left one of my trees decorated with
> white Christmas  lights  .  Follow the side walk by the garage to the main
> door.
> Hope to see you all 6pm on Wednesday and hope you enjoyed the book....We
> will finish talking  about the Singing Butcher Club and Depending where
> every one is with Forgotten Garden visit about it.
> See you soon,

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