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I’ll come too. Karen, can I ride with you? Wanda

From: Bruce Kjerstad 
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Sounds great, Louise!!!  I’ll be there.  Karen

From: Patty 
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Hi Louise
I guess I actually will not be able to attend as I'm in Nebraska with my mom 
this week. So sorry to miss. 
Patty S

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On Jan 20, 2013, at 3:59 PM, Louise Semino <louisesemino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Hear ye Hear ye   I will only be sending this once as I have recovered 
from my OCD and my impatience to have it come to my email immediately and not 
the next day.

        In keeping with location of  The Forgotten Garden,  we will be eating 
English,-- so far I'm making Welsh Rarebit (Bugsbunny cartoon always said you 
get nightmares from this dish), an English Trifle for dessert, plus a Major 
Grey's Chutney appetizer.  Anything you would like to bring is welcome with one 
request.....It must be an English or Australian food or you must give it an 
English or Australian name ......So you could bring chicken wings and call them 
the' Parts from Down Under'...... ...I have plenty of food so do not feel you 
have to bring anything ....this is just something I done a few times and it 
always bring out the best of a creative group.     ...do bring your own 
beverage of choice .

        We live a little over 5  miles out Big Goose from Highland hill .  Turn 
right at the Pierce Road sign ( looks just like a street signpost in town) and 
go 1/2 mile.  You will go over Big Goose creek at 1/4 mile, Just stay on the 
main road.
        At 1/2 mile, the road divides three ways stay center and we are 
immediately on the right...park anywhere in the circle drive....You will know 
you have the right place as I have left one of my trees decorated with white 
Christmas  lights  .  Follow the side walk by the garage to the main door.

        Hope to see you all 6pm on Wednesday and hope you enjoyed the 
book....We will finish talking  about the Singing Butcher Club and Depending 
where every one is with Forgotten Garden visit about it.
        See you soon,   

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