[tor] Re: Torservers Update

  • From: Moritz Bartl <moritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: torservers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 21:22:06 +0100


I definitely see the potential. The idea behind the German registered
society is mainly to push Tor awareness within Germany. We plan to
release more information in German, print flyers about censorship and
how we can help etc. This society will release all its information as
Creative Commons, and hopefully will stand as an archetype or umbrella
organization for similar regional groups worldwide. I don't want to
create something in competition to EFF or CCC, but rather specific Tor
User Groups to meet and exchange locally. From the Tor developer meeting
I had the feeling that most problems or slow progress comes from the
fact that Tor developers mostly meet online, and I felt that regional
groups can help very much by channeling the ongoing challenges of the
Tor project (and hack in groups. I don't like to hack alone.)

So, the society/association/club/foundation (?) will work more like a
Tor User Group type of thing, but also serve as legal protection for the
torservers.net project(s).
I envision torservers.net to be used as an international platform
offering information and services about Tor hosting specifics, ie.
configuration, monitoring, legal documents helping to start similar
organizations and so on.

The Chaos Computer Club and the German Privacy Foundation already run
Tor nodes driven by donations, which is great, but they are not very
specific about this and don't release much material. For example, where
are free images and flyers to be used to visualize the Tor concept...?
The CCC does a lot of great work, but has a lot of topics to cover, and
Tor is only one of them!

For torservers.net I still have the idea of a "business model" to offer
nodes carrying one's company or organization's name (think of a
Greenpeace/Attac node) - not because I want to make big money out of
this, but because I see commercialized services as supplementation of
the current volunteer model.

It depends on the formation session (which is one of the requirements
for German societies) and what the other founding members say they want
to do, but I want to suggest to still provide (free) hidden service
hosting, if only to a certain degrees.

Maybe we can do the formation session around 27c3 in Berlin, but I will
let you know more once I have specifics.


On 02.11.2010 20:23, grarpamp wrote:
> Do you feel there's enough interest in this concept by users / supporters 
> around
> the globe to be able to fund completely separate node farm organizations and
> people that would be complimentary to torservers.net? Such as one each legally
> formed in say the USA, India, Russia, Brazil, etc. But primarily the USA.
> Nice update.

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