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I know a guy fighting them with a Paypal dispute. They haven't even responded at all and I think they're not going to, let Paypal transfer the funds back and pretty much like a non-admission of guilt. Try Enotch also. I've ran a few Tor exit nodes but have a strict exit policy such as 80/tcp and 443/tcp as exit only because I had some clown download CSI: Miami Season 4 through my node, Media Sentry caught it and then some clown ran an exploit script that hit a CERT Malaysia honey pot. When I contacted CERT Malaysia, they wouldn't provide me the IP addresses due to its "classified" nature.

On 02/18/2011 12:08 AM, admin@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I agree, their support is awful, however, for 5 dollars a month what would you expect? My VPS with them is in the HE datacenter in San Jose, California and the uptime has been great (up to this point, have had it for a few months now). I don't expect much from them and pretty much set it and forget it. Now if you are buying a large server with them with some real cash, not sure I would be comfortable with that :-D

On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 00:03:25 -0500, Tor Exit Node Operator wrote:
2HOST's support is terrible. Look at their Terms of Service. They
will drop your service for "phone harassment" but they have no phone
contact except on their WHOIS info where their address is the
datacenter they are colocated at and the Netherlands phone number. I
know someone who got burned by 2HOST.

On 02/18/2011 12:01 AM, admin@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

How much traffic do you plan on pushing? I have a few relays running on VPS's. The highest specs I have on them are 384mb ram, 2 procs. You can get a lot of cheapies and take advantage of their generous traffic limits, just be aware that there is usually a reason they are cheap. I have a few cheap VPS's at 2host.com that push around 500Kbytes to 1.5 Mbytes/Sec, which is pretty slow, but hey, every bit counts right? I have only been running it for a few days so I am sure traffic will pick up in the long run.

Check out this link: http://www.lowendbox.com/blog/2host-6-29-256mb-xen-vps/

(Coupon code still worked for me a few weeks ago)

Just keep in mind that speeds could be sporadic since VPS's are usually sharing the bandwidth between other VPS's on the host node.

Hope some of that is useful.

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 23:20:50 -0500, Will Smith wrote:
Wow it is great to hear I'm on the same track as some of your
thinking. I'm assuming the $1200 figure is too costly for the group
now, correct? I've spoken at length with one of the admins at 1984 and
I feel like we could throttle the node ourselves and they could
monitor externally and just shut it down if we exceed a previously
agreed upon limit. Does anyone here have experience running a Tor Exit
Node off a VPS? What's the smallest requirements I could get away
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Rokabear was among the ISPs I have contacted recently. I should really
find some time to add more to the wiki :-(

"A 100 Mbit link unmetered is $1200 a month, billed on 95 percentile
usage. That is just bandwidth, not the server or anything else."

About Iceland: I talked to 1984.is, too, and yes, they said they wanted
to offer Tor hosting soon but don't seem to be able to properly limit
bandwidth usage yet.

I have also talked to the CEO at thordc.is. Quote 15.10.2010:

"We charge 700€ pr rack and that is with 16 Amps of power included. If
you need less than a rack we charge 20 € for each U, power included.
1Mbps is around 12€ pr month and 100Mbps is about 900€. We can provide any HW you like. We have a reseller agreement with HP, Dell, IBM, EMC,
SuperMicro, NetApp, Cisco to name a few.

The virtual machine prices depend on the size but just to give you an

CL-1C512M Cloud Virtual machine 1 CPU core, 512 MB memory 20 GB disk
space     25€
CL-1C2G Cloud Virtual machine 1 CPU core, 2 GB memory 20 GB
disk space     80€
CL-2C4G Cloud Virtual machine 2 CPU core, 4 GB memory 20 GB
disk space    160€
CL-3C6G Cloud Virtual machine 3 CPU core, 6 GB memory 20 GB
disk space    250€
CL-4C8G Cloud Virtual machine 4 CPU core, 8 GB memory 20 GB disk
space    350€
CL-5C10G Cloud Virtual machine 5 CPU core, 10 GB memory 20 GB disk
space    500€
CL-6C12G Cloud Virtual machine 6 CPU core, 12 GB memory 20 GB disk
space    600€
CL-7C14G Cloud Virtual machine 7 CPU core, 14 GB memory 20 GB disk
space    700€"

(someone, please add this to the wiki)
-- Moritz Bartl

Tor Exit Node Operator

4 total exit nodes, 3 USA and 1 Egyptian.

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