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Subject: [tor-relays] Let's talk incentives: addressing the social
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Hi All,

I am an undergraduate researcher at the University of Virginia looking
into the Tor Incentives Problem. I recently started running an
exit-relay and plan on finding effective ways of encouraging others to
do so as well!

As a student of Computer Science and Anthropology, I am prioritizing
both the technical and social angles of Tor's ecosystem in my approach
to this problem. Thus far, many of the unanswered social questions
regarding motivation and Tor have barred progress in efforts to scale
the relay community. It is my objective to move this issue forward by
conducting systematic research on the human-systems underlying Tor while
developing proposals grounded in these socio-technical realities.

One idea I’ve had is to discuss these issues and potential approaches
one-on-one with some of the individuals currently operating relays. I
think it would be really helpful to hear your ideas, questions, and
personal insights on relay-volunteering and its future.

If you are interested please email me at os7hf@xxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:os7hf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> with dates/times that would be convenient
for a Skype or phone call. For general questions, comments, concerns,
etc. feel free to respond on the mailing list as well.


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