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  • Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 19:21:22 -0800

This discussion is better suited for tor-relays@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Also, for reference, here is the previous tor-relays thread on the
technical aspects of this topic:

And also the social side:

We really need to work on condensing that tor-relays thread into a
single document like the blog post. We've still got a lot of mystery
and voodoo to unravel in terms of utilizing all spare Tor capcity,

Thus spake Mitar (mmitar@xxxxxxxxx):

> Hi!
> We are planning a high throughput Tor node, we are hoping for 1 Gbit/s
> node. But as I read there are some issues attaining that. So I would
> like some suggestions what should we use for hardware and
> configuration to attain it. So CPU, ethernet card, etc. As I
> understood it is necessary to run multiple Tor instances, but that
> then ethernet card's IRQ affinity is still problematic? Would it be
> better to have multiple ethernet cards? How much CPU is needed for 1
> Gbit/s throughput? RAM?
> And it is probably also necessary to have multiple IPs to be able to
> have more than 65k connections?
> The problem is that we will probably not be able to experiment much,
> what we will buy we will have. So I am hoping to get it right.
> We are targeting a fully open exit node policy so some advice on how
> to arrange things with ISP would also be good. We have good experience
> with one local ISP, but not on this scale. So probably it would be
> good to request a SWIP and abuse handle to our e-mail? Anything else?
> Is there any software developed which would handle automatic abuse
> e-mails with automatic replies?
> I am sorry if all this is already somewhere written. ;-)
> (And all this is still just in a planning stage, we will have to see
> if the budget will support it.)
> Mitar
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