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..Mr. Tyler might enjoy being a TPUG member and/or doing some meeting and/or 
WOC demos....?

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      I was at the Seneca College open source conference in the fall and saw it 
there. I'm going to go for it as well in a few months. Definitely a neat little 
board. Surprisingly the folks from Broadcom were involved in it!  

      I *THINK* these are the guys working on the OS: 


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        .."inspiring “a whole new Commodore 64 generation.”"..."there are going 
to be people who use them for programming, as a gaming machine, as a media 
planner, as a utility machine.”"..."but is designed to be plugged into a 
TV."..."And people already have a high value expensive piece of electronic 
equipment, a television, in their homes they can use for display.”"..."The 
Model A, which has also been reworked to include 256 megabytes of RAM, “will go 
into production immediately.”"

        It's Deja-Vu!! LOL...

        ..'might be worth holding off too until they setup the upgrades they 

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        I was about to email the group with a link to the new Raspberry Pi
        single-board computer.

        At a mere $35 with plenty of power, it's ideal for hobbyists, and the
        parallels with the Commodore 64 are obvious.   However, someone at the
        Toronto Star has made the same observation:


        Pretty cool, didn't know the OS was developed here in Toronto at Seneca 

        Here are the project links.  Any thoughts?   I'll probably buy one
        once the furor dies down.



        -- Leif Bloomquist

        “What's in the way is the way.” - Lao Tzu


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