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"Your milage may vary" lol - maybe I'll throw on a couple of load coils if 
distance is an issue ;)

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  I read that you can use networking cable for this purpose, but you have to 
make sure you're using thicknet wire as opposed to thinnet. Over the last 20 
years, an interesting fact is that electrons have increased in mass by 30% (at 
least in North American anyway) and as a result of friction, thinnet wiring is 
unable to support transport speeds above 110 baud. The resulting heat does pose 
a fire hazard, therefore thicknet cabling is recommended.

  YMMV. :)

  Rick in Barrie

  On 3-Apr-09, at 11:09 AM, Tom Luff wrote:

          How long do you need your cable???
          Standard IEC cable for the Floppy Disk Drives are about 3 feet, for 
printers they can be 6 feet but are a little larger in diameter due to the 
thicker wire. Thin wires loss signal strength over greater distance.

          Cat 5 cable I think is alright.

          Tom L


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