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I was lucky enough to "try out" the only PET we had at my school - I think it 
was a 4032 if I remember correctly - when I was in Grade 7 and 8.

Near the end of Grade 9 I found out that the school I was transferring to was 
getting a "whole lab" of PETs and there would be Grade 11 & 12 level computer 
courses.  They let me take them a year early so I ended up learning, 
programming and of course playing on those PETs in Grade 10.  I think there 
were 10 or 12 PETs altogether - all 8032s - hooked to one 8050 (I think) drive 
via the "muppet" network system.  It was very cool see an early form of 
"networked computers" at that time - at least it was until someone overwrote 
your program disk because you forgot to take it out of the 8050 drive! :) lol

Ken Rath
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        >I remember being in grade 6 and using a PET in my sisters' classroom.

        Grade 6?!?  I had to wait to grade 10 in my high school till the 
teachers thought we students were finally mature enough to properly handle and 
treat with respect such a powerful machine as the 4016 PET computer!. After 
all, you couldn't touch the electronic typewriters until the second semester of 
grade 9! 

        Joseph Palumbo

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I second that! I remember being in grade 6 and using a PET in my
 sisters'classroom. The teacher (Mr. West) taught me to type in:M 0000 FFFFand 
I'd just watch all the numbers scroll by! LOL! Then he let me playMiner 49er! 
:oPOn 10-Mar-09, at 7:19 PM, James Alexander wrote:> Hey Leif,> > What if some 
of the PET guys did a PET/CBM thing for at least part of thenight.  I don't 
have any of this stuff but was first computer I used beforeI had my own and 
wouldn't mind seeing it again.  Keeping the P in TPUG is agood thing.> > Leif 
Bloomquist wrote:>> Hi all,>> >> Just to mix things up a bit:  Would there be 
interest in an"Other>> 70s/80s Computers" night at the March TPUG meeting?  
(March 19th)>> >> I've got some Tandy gear that's been sadly neglected, and 
Iknow many>> others at TPUG have other retrocomputing interests but no venue 
in>> which to showcase
 them.  I for one would be seeing some of your other>> systems.>> >> To keep it 
somewhat on topic, we could always compare/contrast them>> with Commodore 
machines from the same era.>> >> Comments, discussion?>> >> Regards,>> -Leif>> 
>> > >  

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