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That too is a good idea. I hadhave Shapeshifter on my A2000 with a Picasso II card and it looked good. The 3000 doesn't want to run these days. I could put it on my A1200 (50 MHz) and compare that to say a Quadra 700 (which I think is only 33 MHz).

Unless someone can have this setup ready for this meeting I won't be able to have this done until the April meeting (hopefully tax t9ime wont screw me up)


Daniel Kovacs wrote:
I know it's not commodore 8-bit related but what about a macintosh sitting next to an Amiga running shapeshifter as a side-by-side comparison?

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    So are you guys doing this or not?

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        Neat idea!  I have a TRS-80 Model 100, as well as a Macintosh
        Plus in my
        collection.  While we're on this topic, I just started a new
        web forum for
        those of us with multiple retro computing interests, at
        retro-link.com <http://retro-link.com>.  All
        of my TPUG friends are invited and welcome to join, of course;
        even if
        you're only interested in the Commodores.

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        Hi all,

        Just to mix things up a bit:  Would there be interest in an "Other
        70s/80s Computers" night at the March TPUG meeting?  (March 19th)

        I've got some Tandy gear that's been sadly neglected, and I
        know many
        others at TPUG have other retrocomputing interests but no venue in
        which to showcase them.  I for one would be seeing some of
        your other

        To keep it somewhat on topic, we could always compare/contrast
        with Commodore machines from the same era.

        Comments, discussion?


        Leif Bloomquist
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        "It's better to light a candle, than curse the darkness." -
        Chinese Proverb

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