[torontocbm] Re: Email addresses?

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Instead of trying to understand the problem at hand by this valued member of
the community, you choose to insult and belittle him.


I mean, if you had the answer, you would have told him, right?  If Google
had actually delivered him the answer he needed, you would have provided
that, right?


Or, are you such a small man you must resort to petty insults at every
perceived opportunity?


Shameful.  Just damned shameful.  I thought you would have been a better man
than that; but clearly, I misjudged you.



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There would likely be more responses if the original poster wasn't so lazy
not to use Goggle for some pretty simple questions.


Actually he should join Lemon discussion forum ;-)



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here's a start ... look below to Ernie's reply.  Is that not his e-mail
address attached?


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So your advice to me then is just to sit tight and wait for someone to
respond, or should I directly email TPUG 'higher-ups'?


On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 1:07 AM, Ernie Chorny <chorny@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Gil -

I would think that most TPUG people (at least in our general area) are
subscribers to this list.

Ernie Chorny 

Gil Winkler wrote:

Is there a list of e-mail addresses for TPUG people so I can ask
about software and related stuff?





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