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Originally, it was Steve Stedman's idea to have an annual list, much as they do 
for TN butterflies.
I personally see our list as a compilation of verified current moths for TN, 
since I couldn't find any other such list, and states around us do have lists.  
BAMONA was not a resource that we could utilize this year.

Maybe for 2011, we can keep an FOY list again, and have our permanent TN moth 
list by county at BAMONA.

I like the friendly competition, but will record any moth I see anywhere.   I 
just want to see TN up-to-snuff with about 2,000 or so moths.    Knox Co is 
giving Cocke a run for the money, but they have a tag-team of three people.

Thank you, Merrill, for contributing sightings for Johnson Co, TN.  This gives 
us some mountain moths we didn't have.

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  04949 European Corn Borer (Crambidae) - Ostrinia nubilalis 8-29-10 
  06654 One-spotted Variant (Geometridae) - Hypagyrtis unipunctata 8-29-10 
  06655 Esther Moth (Geometridae) - Hypagyrtis esther 7-7-10 
  These all came to my porch light in Johnson City, TN.
  I spent considerable time this morning working on 6654 and 6655 IDs. For the 
first time I feel confident in distinguishing the two in some of my own photos, 
past and present. I would appreciate others thoughts on this challenge. 
  For any one who may have noticed, yes I have changed moth sheets. I also went 
from a 15 watt 18" to a 40 watt 48" black light.
  Here's a thought regarding FOY tallies. I imagine some of us will be going 
back and working on IDs, thus FOY records, long after 2010 is past. That's as 
it should be but it may create some unclarity in who has how many (not that its 
a competition). So for the sake of clarity, I propose we tally records that 
were ID and entered before 1/1/11. Good luck to any one trying to catch Jean.  
  Larry McDaniel

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